Visual Paradigm 12.1 ChangeLogs

Build 20150501

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed slot values of instance spec not being included in Excel exporting/importing
Fixed formatting not applied to shape immediately using Format Copier
Fixed incorrect enabling of Record button in description pane when no recording device has been installed
Fixed not prompt for entering group name when creating group inside lane
Fixed partition separator not appear after undoing deletion of partition
Fixed unable to undo the clearing of formatting in Text Annotation
Fixed redundant entity shape being created when creating a Data Flow Diagram through "Decompose"
Fixed ports in Component Diagram being moved unexpectedly when resizing a component
Fixed wrong placement of action shapes when creating with branch resource
Fixed simulation scenario not preserved in imported BPMN
Supported searching model element in Project Browser by typing its name
Automatically used parent process as diagram name when creating a Data Flow Diagram through "Decompose"
Avoided nameless Glossary Grid produced by importing Excel
Avoided a redundant window being shown in Community Edition, in Linux
Improved the performance of modeling in class diagram
Improved the alignment of business rule text in Business Rule Grid
Ignored connector types in Project Browser
Not to show name box when create ERD

Document Editing
Fixed incorrect text style applied in document exported from Fill-in Doc
Fixed several issues related to undo in text box in Doc Composer (Fill-in Mode)
Fixed wrong sort ordering of elements in Doc. Composer (Fill-in Mode)
Fixed missing indentation for TOC in HTML/Word document exported from Doc. Composer
Fixed Doc. Composer preview does not show content in proper font family

Sequence Diagram
Fixed redundant activation left on diagram after moving sequence message
Fixed bad positioning of combined fragment when moving lifeline
Fixed the use of Sweeper may mess up sequence diagram
Fixed recursive message not properly created when moving message
Fixed copy and paste in sequence diagram may wrongly skipped some shapes
Improved the positioning of multi-lined sequence message caption

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed changing verify by person in Tasifier produce wrong unread post count
Fixed a project commit problem occurred after importing an external project
Fixed wrong URL for resetting VPository password
Kept Teamwork File pane opened when opening Project Browser
Disallowed refreshing document in preview window shown when committing project
Supported Visual History in Project Browser
Supported Visual History for project (via the popup menu of project triggered from tree panes)

Fixed storyboard zoom slider does not respect mouse pointer positioning
Supported confirming wireframe type in New Wireframe window by pressing Enter
Supported copying wireframe when copying steps in scenario
Avoided diagram caption overlapped with button in storyboard
Unified the behavior of creating label, checkbox and radio button in wireframe

Requirements Gathering
Fixed not showing member in user story immediately after added
Fixed an application hang when create matrix from Requirement Diagram
Mark project modified when changing tag filters in user story screen

Code Engineering/Hibernate/DB Engineering
Fixed a code generation in Ada9x
Fixed generated ORM sample code not working (case specific)
Fixed missing entity columns for ERD reversed from a database (case specific)
Fixed several issues that may cause DDL file failed to be reversed
Fixed several issues related to exporting SCXML

Build 20150601

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed intermediate event being moved when expanding/collapsing another sub-process shape on the same BPD
Fixed bad sizing of Description Editor
Fixed qualifier left on diagram after deleting class
Fixed unable to define column name in column domain’s check constraint
Fixed clear formatting of BPMN text annotation not undoable
Fixed unable to select multiple storyboards by pressing Ctrl-Click
Fixed specification window isn’t closed when adding relationship in ERD
Not to assign integer type to entity column when creating column
Improved the performance of node selection in Mind Map diagram
Supported searching Textual Analysis content when searching in Project Browser
Supported duplicating requirements in Requirement List
Made zoomed position follows mouse pointer when zooming in wireframe state overview

Document Editing
Fixed Doc. Composer failed to display non-English character in its template editor
Fixed headings in document no longer numbered after project conversion
Fixed requirement spec. doesn’t display pointer in wireframe
Fixed unable to retrieve wireframes’ description with DCTL
Fixed non-English characters in Doc. Composer’s document become bad characters after project conversion
Fixed missing element icon in output document
Fixed corrupted Doc. Composer
Fixed line-wrap problem for document output from Doc. Composer
Fixed heading text mis-aligned in document
Fixed wrong template being used when dragging multiple elements onto document
Fixed unable to right click on multiple blocks in document
Improved the moving distance when pressing Page Up/Down in Doc. Composer (Fill-in Doc)

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed deleted wireframe widget come back after committing project
Supported importing Doc Base into Teamwork Files
Supported jumping to parent model in Visual History
Supported Visual History in Project Browser

Sequence Diagram
Fixed operand misplaced when copy & paste in nested combined fragment
Fixed bad sizing of combined fragment when being resized
Fixed sequence message being swept out of the containing combined fragment when using sweeper

Fixed several issues related to importing BPMN 2.0
Fixed unable to export Table Records defined in ERD to Excel
Fixed unable to import Excel file if the file is opened

Code Engineering/Hibernate/DB Engineering
Fixed a problem in PHP instant reverse, related to the use of variable constant name
Fixed missing FK when reversing database to ERD, caused by table name escape problem
Fixed an error that occurred when generating XSD
Fixed a REST API generation problem
Fixed wrong ORM code being generated for one-to-one association’s setter
Updated the design of REST API doc to indicate the missing of Request/Response

Build 20150701

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed Select Model window wrongly presents user story nodes when searching use case
Fixed an error on importing .archimate file
Fixed simulation scenario not preserved in imported BPMN
Fixed mis-placed action bar button when in split diagram environment
Fixed missing terms’ attributes in Excel exported from glossary
Fixed non-functioning popup in flow of events
Fixed unable to open a Chart Diagram (project specific)
Supported searching elements with their Ids in Project Browser
Supported opening storyboard by pressing Enter
Removed some dummy elements found when searching in Project Browser
Not to show the next button in Project Browser when have no further diagrams

Document Editing
Fixed a numbering issue in document (Doc. Composer)
Fixed big image in generated document
Fixed unable to produce image for child wireframe state (Project Publisher)
Fixed doesn’t work if not specifying @diagramType
Changed document generation script’s filename to GenerateDocument
Improved the performance of Project Publisher slightly

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed redundant mark appear in PostMania (web)
Fixed Generalization arrow head no longer “grouped together” after committing

Diagram Editing
Fixed entity column not follow default stereotype’s formatting
Fixed diagram preview left on screen (Mac only)
Fixed moving port shape when resizing block
Fixed several issues related to undo/redo
Fixed missing thumbnail for just-created Business Process Diagram
Fixed transit diagram overwrites clipboard content
Fixed non straight connector in Activity Diagram
Fixed unable to apply element font together when multiple select shapes
Disabled mouse gesture for synchronizing to Class Diagram in conceptual and logical ERD
Supported XML content for state transition’s effect field
Increased initial width for BPMN data store shape

Build 20150802

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed a diagram rendering issue
Fixed a problem related to dragging in storyboard editor
Fixed a number of problems related to undo/redo
Fixed gate shape moved out of interaction use upon resizing interaction use
Fixed “Used in other Terms” in term editor not working
Fixed column in Date type being converted to datetime
Fixed a diagram rendering issue on Mac
Fixed relationships lost in ERD after synchronizing from class diagram
Fixed bad positioning of connector end in BPD imported from BPMN
Fixed resize combined fragment’s region may make it become very large
Updated Polish translation file
Memorized horizontal scroll position in diagram list of Project Browser
Showed full model hierarchy for diagram references listed in References tab of Specification window

Document Editing
Fixed unable to open .docx generated from Doc. Composer (project specific)
Fixed reference elements not included in document generation (with template)
Fixed unable to preview document from Fill-in Doc (project specific)
Fixed not opening Fill-in Doc’s editor in NetBeans, after creation
Fixed missing anchor for shape references appear in HTML documentation

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed unable to assign user group to a branch project
Fixed activation detached from lifeline after commit project
Supported disabling the prompt for committing project, when exit application

Build 20150902

Fixed value in a cell of RACI not retained
Fixed transition caption in state machine diagarm cannot be moved
Fixed several issues related to generated SCXML
Fixed to handle an inner class in code reversal
Fixed unable to reresh a document in Doc. Composer
Fixed column come back when changing an entity to DB View
Fixed an encoding issue in Publisher outcome
Fixed an issue related to applying design pattern
Fixed several issues related to undo/redo
Fixed magnet causes the end pointer of constraint connector point to no where in sequence diagram
Fixed moved activation after committing project
Fixed incorrect region being cropped by Smart Edit
Fixed unable to snap a sequence message to its parent operand
Fixed a problem related to splitting diagram editor in a wireframe
Fixed losing Tree widget in desktop wireframe after committing project
Fixed bad default positioning of sequence message caption when duplicate message
Automatically trim entity, column, sequence, procedure and trigger name in generated DDL
Supported opening user story conversation and confirmation in search result in Project Browser
Supported spell checking in UeXceler
Supported accessing “Generate SQL” with Open API
Enhanced “Referenced By” window to show elements in full path
Removed redundant diagram types in New Diagram window

Build 20151001

Fixed a case that caused sweeper not to work in Sequence Diagram
Fixed a Doc. Composer template conversion issue
Fixed missing type length after assign domain
Fixed several issues caused by a special connector pattern
Fixed a problem with generating DDL for H2
Fixed unable to retrieve latest Teamwork Files with UpdateTeamworkProject command
Improved the performance of committing project

Build 20151101

Fixed a diagram opening issue caused by a deleted referenced element
Fixed NetBeans integration may not work properly in Windows 10
Fixed several undo/redo problems

Build 20151201

Fixed incorrect font size for pasted connector
Fixed application may hang when editing freehand text shape
Fixed unnamed filter in animation path

Build 20160101

Updated copyright information

Build 20160116

Fixed an editing issue related to bullet point list

Build 20160201

Fixed a problem that may cause classes unable to be deleted

Build 20160203

Fixed deleted Teamwork Folder being re-created due to renaming folder
Fixed application hang when the action to move a pool triggers the change of master view

Build 20160301

Fixed a wrong matching of folder name (Teamwork File) caused by naming a folder to one that’s deleted earlier
Fixed application may hang in Mac when dragging a model element from its parent to root, via Model Explorer

Build 20160401

Fixed application may hang when using Resource Catalog
Fixed several license activation issues
Fixed several bad editing behaviors associated with attribute in requirement shape