Visual Paradigm 12.2 ChangeLogs

Build 20150902

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed Link User Story window wrongly showed “user story” as "use case"
Fixed fit sub process size failed to show complete shape name
Fixed a license activation problem
Fixed unable to create diagram in a manually selected model
Fixed Resource Catalog may be hidden in certain situation
Fixed several issues associated with undo/redo
Fixed unable to create dependency between class members repeatedly when the dependency tool is locked
Fixed missing role caption for composited stereotype created in profile diagram
Fixed another window popup in taskbar when showing Resource Catalog
Fixed unknown freehand shape being created when create Pen
Made new rule’s width follows the last rule in decision table
Included the name of use cases when searching in UeXceler
Rearranged the resource icons that appear when creating shape from ORM Persistable class
Removed redundant diagram types in New Diagram window
Supported accessing “Generate SQL” with Open API
Supported accessing layers with Open API
Supported spell checking in UeXceler
Supported showing Project Browser by pressing Ctrl-Shift-B

Document Editing
Fixed a failure in document generation
Fixed an encoding issue in Publisher outcome
Fixed highlight of shape not cleared in publisher outcome

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed moved activation after committing project
Fixed incorrect bound for diagrams attached to Tasifier
Fixed losing task description when select another task during editing
Fixed wrongly showed “Today” for last modified datetime on a project in Open Project window
Fixed duplicate task in Tasifier wrongly carried the submitter of source task
Fixed task is wrongly shown in TODO even if it’s been assigned to someone else
Fixed losing task description when select another task during editing
Fixed unable to hide task detail when in Full Screen mode
Fixed Share box in Tasifier remain visible even if I have switched to another diagram and come back from there
Improved the scroll behavior of commit area in Tasifier
Supported showing “Drop files here” when attempting to drop files to Tasifier’s comment area

Sequence Diagram
Fixed magnet causes the end pointer of constraint connector point to no where in sequence diagram
Fixed unable to snap a sequence message to its parent operand
Fixed combined fragment created around create message does not cover the target lifeline
Improved the positioning of message caption when creating sequence message
Improved the sensitivity of the display of Resource Catalog button in Sequence Diagram

Fixed detached connector end when synchronize class diagram to ERD
Fixed bad positioning of entities produced by synchronizing from classes from class diagram
Fixed redundant PK column being created when transit from logical ERD twice
Supported precision and length for datetime2 type

Fixed a problem related to importing Enterprise Architecture
Fixed wrong z-order for content imported from Bizagi
Fixed unable to create glossary grid by importing from an Excel exported from another project that contains glossary grid
Fixed missing guard condition in state transition when import project XML

Code Engineering/Hibernate/DB Engineering
Fixed several issues related to generated SCXML
Automatically trim entity, column, sequence, procedure and trigger name in generated DDL

Impact Analysis
Fixed potential duplicate of rows and columns in matrix
Fixed unable to show rows and columns in matrix when “Activities (BPMN)” has been selected for rows and/or columns

Build 20151001

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed a case that caused sweeper not to work in Sequence Diagram
Fixed Resource Catalog icon overlapped with ungroup icon
Fixed dangling note connector after the removal of note shape
Fixed a EMF copy and paste issue
Fixed missing type length after assign domain
Fixed wrongly included parent element’s children in refactoring
Fixed redundant “2” appended to pasted model element
Fixed several issues caused by a special connector pattern
Fixed unable to connect to gate on Interaction Use block
Fixed “Reset to Default” button on columns tab for the Entity specification not shown
Fixed several undo/redo issues
Fixed a layout problem in matrix
Fixed hidden connectors become visible when reopen project
Fixed bad ERD produced by synchronizing from Class Diagram
Not to highlight glossary term for in hyperlink
Supported Visual Studio 2015 in IDE integration
Supported right clicking on Requirement Spec button in action bar to generate a new spec.
Supported showing “Referenced by diagram” and “Referenced by model element” in Grid
Supported “Show View” and “Show in Project Browser” in “Referenced by” window (triggered by right clicking on a referenced by item)
Improved the appearance of line jump
Enhanced performance in refactoring

Document Editing
Fixed missing table border in generated document content
Fixed a Doc. Composer template conversion issue
Fixed sequence messages not listed by IterationBlock (Doc. Composer template)
Supported querying an element template in a table cell when writing doc field in a doc base
Supported opening Project Browser in the main page of Doc. Composer

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed outdated task subject and description when switching tasks in Tasifier
Fixed unable to retrieve latest Teamwork Files with UpdateTeamworkProject command
Fixed switching project does not refresh Task Pool list
Not to classify closed tasks as overdue
Fixed several layout issues in Tasifier
Fixed changes on use case statements not being committed
Improved the performance of committing project
Changed the appearance of Exit Stage icon in Tasifier
Ensured the first occurrence of searched string being shown in search result in PostMania
Disallowed creating Task Pool from User Story in non-TW projects

Re-layout Export Excel window for better display of checkboxes
Removed the support of exporting XMI 1.0, 1.2

Code Engineering/Hibernate/DB Engineering
Fixed an issue related to reverse engineering of Objective-C
Fixed enumeration literals generate incorrect XSDs
Fixed code generation doesn’t create a dynamic link library file
Fixed a compilation issue in generated ORM
Fixed a problem with generating DDL for H2
Supported ORM Query in document generation

Build 20151102

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed malfunction Resource Catalog when in sloppy focus mode
Fixed a diagram opening issue caused by a deleted referenced element
Fixed guard condition in state transition not correctly handled in export of XMI
Fixed form sub-process diagram not show in/out flow by default
Fixed unable to switch product to Community Edition
Fixed an Eclipse integration with Eclipse (Mars)
Fixed unable to resize pool by dragging its end (Windows only)
Fixed several undo/redo problems
Fixed unable to add sub-diagram (case specific)
Fixed unable to reuse flow port for SysML block
Fixed a performance issue for Matrix
Fixed editing of shape name sometimes failed to work, due to complex diagram content
Fixed incorrect format in default values (Entity Column)
Fixed NetBeans integration may not work properly in Windows 10
Fixed part of the in/out flow being covered by BPMN pool
Fixed element link text lost when copy and paste description content to text editor
Fixed unable to toggle Switch Diagram pane the diagram editor is not active
Fixed clearing format in description editor wrongly cleared links and bullet points
Fixed unable to select connector type when creating matrix
Fixed application may hang when trying to copy external text into description editor
Added several validation checking for Resource Catalog
Supported only association between ArchiMate Device and Network
Improved the rendering of Intermediate Event with Multiple trigger
Made constraint created in an Activity has the same parent as the Activity

Document Editing
Fixed empty wireframe tree problem in published outcome
Fixed unable to multiple dummy lines in document using
Fixed unable to switch between states in publisher outcome
Fixed Doc. Composer failed to show linked element’s display text
Fixed a Doc. Composer performance issue
Fixed unable to open generated Word document due to some special chars in element description
Supported suppressDuplicatedModelElement:boolean for IterationBlock (Doc. Composer template)

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed permission problem when working in branch, for user added into a user group
Fixed a performance issue related to committing project
Fixed partial commit of Teamwork File cause the file be moved to root
Fixed VP Server not restart itself after applying update
Fixed missing Attach File link when editing stage description in Tasifier
Supported scrolling in reply field of PostMania

UeXceler/User Story/Use Case
Fixed bad placement of diagram when being created under user story
Disallowed closing UeXceler in Switch Diagram pane when it is the active editor

Fixed a project opening problem related to storyboard
Fixed unable to new model when creating wireframe
Fixed wrongly generated wireframe’s images when publishing from logical view
Improved the positioning of captured screen portion in wireframe

Code Engineering/Hibernate/DB Engineering
Fixed missing operations for ORM qualifiers in generated code
Fixed missing guard condition when generate state machine code
Fixed an Oracle DDL reversal issue
Fixed several XSD instant reverse problem related to namespace
Fixed attribute lost when ‘Auto Implement’ is on in C# code generation
Fixed an Hibernate EnumType association synchronization problem
Fixed a DDL reversal problem
Supported generating comments for Enum literal in generating Java and C++
Supported generating Enum for objective C

Build 20151201

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed a bug in searching
Fixed references to sub-machines not properly captured when in Export XMI
Fixed several undo/redo problems
Fixed unnamed filter in animation path
Fixed sd frame name goes blank
Fixed wrongly ask for deleting port in Internal Block Diagram
Fixed missing message envelope icon in Resource Catalog
Fixed empty requirement specification generated from use case
Fixed an Archi import issue
Fixed cut and paste shapes not preserve parent and child relationship
Fixed application may hang when editing freehand text shape
Fixed application may hang after importing project
Fixed a .eap import issue
Fixed a performance issue caused by deleting shape
Fixed bad positioning of created lifeline
Fixed incorrect font size for pasted connector
Amended IDE Integration window to state the support of Android Studio
Supported adding model elements in Project Browser
Supported resizing image proportionally in description editor by pressing the Shift key and dragging the resize handler of image
Supported prompting for delete association when deleting association attribute
Made About window resize-able
Upgraded bundled JRE to newer build
Made duplicate element not to duplicate some project management properties (e.g. Author, create date)
Excluded detached elements in XMI exporting

Document Editing
Fixed a Project Publisher bug
Fixed Project Publisher wrongly generated images for wireframes out-of-scope
Fixed a Word report generation issue
Fixed bad constraints table output in Publisher outcome
Showed instance’s classifier in Project Publisher outcome

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed a problem on updating VP Server
Fixed LDAP member listed twice in VP Server

Code Engineering/Hibernate/DB Engineering
Fixed ORM Code Gen ignores “Template info” value
Fixed a SCXML export issue
Fixed local variables reversed as instance variables in Python reverse engineering
Fixed missing comment for return statement in generated code
Supported reversing XSD namespace documentation in reverse engineering
Showed error message when generating ORM code with sub-class from ORM Impl class
Made round-trip ignores ORM annotation for impl class
Made C++ Instant Reverse not to analyze non code files

Build 20160101

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed a wrong syntax checking for entity column name
Fixed several undo/redo issues
Fixed several GUI translation issues
Fixed disappeared mind map branch connector caused by hiding and showing nodes
Fixed model element reference not being updated when duplicate model element from referenced project
Fixed several bad behaviors of filter in Change Type dialog box
Fixed malfunctioning drop-down button in Create Candidate Item window
Fixed an empty icon in Resource Catalog
Fixed application may hang when editing a freehand text shape that contains Thai characters
Fixed a memory issue related to wireframe
Fixed performance issue related to opening project
Fixed problematic stereotype filter in matrix caused by importing XMI and XML
Fixed wrong default naming of <> class created by Resource Catalog
Avoided indefinite looping of lifeline creation
Enhanced mass updating of Teamwork Project when projects are referenced among each other
Supported require interface for ArchiMate diagram (Business Layer)
Allowed creating state machine directly via Model Explorer
Updated copyright information

Document Editing
Fixed a numbering issue in Doc. Composer
Fixed wireframe image not presented in generated documentation
Fixed test case not generated to document
Fixed the permission of ‘Edit Doc. Composer Template’ not follow that set for member group
Fixed wrong placement of image title in Word document exported from Doc. Composer
Fixed redundant component remained in Doc. Composer caused by the undo of adding diagram component

Code Engineering/Hibernate/DB Engineering
Fixed index identifiers not quoted in generated DDL
Fixed SQL generation’s ‘Update Database’ option does not respect ‘Schema’ selection
Fixed orm.jar unexpectedly re-generated even without modification
Fixed a DDL reversal issue
Supported try-catch-finally in Instant Reverse from Java to sequence diagram

Build 20160116

Fixed an editing issue related to bullet point list

Build 20160202

Fixed datatype being duplicated when import form XML
Fixed strange header style in Doc. Composer Fill-in Doc
Fixed an undo/redo problem
Fixed a SQL script generation problem
Fixed wrong positioning of shapes in analysis diagram after undo deletion
Fixed missing diagram when export to BPMN
Fixed misplaced Configure Font button in wireframe
Fixed wrongly allowed dragging combined fragment operand outside combined fragment
Fixed undo and redo deletion of wireframe annotation failed to get the annotation back
Fixed an alignment guide issue in BPD
Fixed mis-positioned shape after ‘Change Type’ in zoomed diagram
Fixed unable to select referenced project’s diagram in Doc. Composer Fill-in Doc
Fixed a problem related to launching Visual Studio integration
Fixed bad scroll position of wireframe when playing storyboard
Fixed duplicate name checking wrongly checked original name when working under a nickname
Fixed a BPMN export issue
Fixed a problem that may cause classes unable to be deleted
Supported Instant Reverse XSD with namespace documentation
Removed a unnecessary checking in refactoring
Supported creating pool/lane by dragging/dropping UML actor to BPD
Improved the usability of creating default profile
Improved alignment guide when use against Rest API Resource

Build 20160203

Fixed deleted Teamwork Folder being re-created due to renaming folder
Fixed application hang when the action to move a pool triggers the change of master view

Build 20160301

Fixed undo deletion of shape wrongly visualized a connector in hidden layer
Fixed a wrong matching of folder name (Teamwork File) caused by naming a folder to one that’s deleted earlier
Fixed application may hang in Mac when dragging a model element from its parent to root, via Model Explorer
Fixed an error in committing project
Fixed a problem related to ‘Find’ in description text
Fixed FK column being removed wrongly when removing PK column

Build 20160401

Fixed unable to search and replace value in tagged value
Fixed application may hang when using Resource Catalog
Fixed several bad editing behaviors associated with attribute in requirement shape
Fixed several license activation issues
Fixed changing the type of element cause it be moved to another diagram layer
Fixed missing message argument in exported XMI

Build 20160501

Fixed an issue related to search and replace
Fixed PNG image display problem in IE
Fixed an issue related to undo/redo

Build 20160601

Fixed deleting operation from locked class not prompt for password
Fixed a problem related to Doc. Composer template related to product update
Fixed referenced diagram elements are rendered as detached in PostMania
Fixed problematic shape selection in PostMania
Fixed unable to repeat shape creation by pressing F3
Fixed unable to perform round-trip on Console Template C# project
Fixed invalid containment connector may be produced by revering a revision
Fixed user defined shape not being included in PDF exporting
Fixed bad caption on user defined image
Fixed diagrams are not associated with elements after refactoring on the diagram
Fixed a commit problem happened after upgrading version earlier version

Build 20160602

Fixed image content of wireframe widget lost in project importing

Build 20160701

Fixed commit project may cause wireframe image widget to disappear
Fixed a problem related to committing project

Build 20160702

Fixed a project commit problem related to wireframe
Fixed a diagram editing issue

Build 20160801

Fixed unable to perform “Select in Tree” for constraint connector
Fixed a Word document generation issue that may cause the generated file unable to be opened
Fixed cropped document content in Doc. Composer’s preview
Fixed blank file preview in Tasifier

Build 20160802

Fixed an undo problem related to Timing Frame