Visual Paradigm 13.0 ChangeLogs

Build 20160116

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed several performance issues in IntelliJ IDEA integration
Fixed wrongly allowed dragging operand out of combined fragment
Fixed bad positioning of Configure Font button for a wireframe widget
Fixed a problem related to the undo of creating Data Object
Fixed a problem related to the undo of deleting wireframe annotation
Fixed bad positioning of shape after being changed to another element type
Fixed mis-placed connector end when create partial table with Resource Catalog
Fixed not showing alignment guide when creating task from a task in another pool
Fixed unable to close the Open Project window (case specific)
Fixed several issues related to the activation of bulk installation (Academic Partner Program)
Fixed an editing issue related to bullet point list
Fixed difficult to connect to column with generic connector if the diagram is zoomed

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed project browser not kept opened after committing project
Fixed a problem related to VP Server migration
Fixed unable to open the link of a Tasifier task from breadcrumb when the active editor is a use case diagram

Document Editing
Fixed missing diagram image in generated PDF
Fixed unable to select reference project’s diagram in Fill-in Doc

Fixed editable start and end date of closed sprint
Fixed deletion of user story name become deletion of user story
Fixed create user story from use case statement not enter inline editing mode
Fixed mis-behaved formatting button in user story conversation item editor, in web
Fixed not showing name of user story in the Show Link dialog box
Fixed unable to remove user story from sprint after added (case specific)
Fixed missing ‘Add Extension’ button in the toolbar of UeXceler
Fixed unable to open user story by link
Fixed a problem related to synchronization of UeXceler
Auto replace .vux when saving .vpp
Added caption for Add Sprint button
Not to confirm the removal of user story from sprint
Supported adding tags to user story (UeXceler web)
Supported filtering of user story in Add User Story page (UeXceler web)
Improved the presentation of tags in user story (UeXceler web)
Improved the coloring of user stories
Improved conflict detection mechanism
Supported the display of user story log (UeXceler web)
Turn filter off when creating user story from use case statement

Build 20160124

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed unable to export XMI when running Visual Paradigm with academic license
Fixed a problem related to launching Visual Paradigm from Visual Studio
Fixed wrong deletion of entity column
Fixed unable to run 32 bit installer (case specific)
Fixed overlapped control flow being generated from scenario
Fixed sequence message keep flashing when being moved by sweeper
Fixed default organization unit created at bad position
Fixed combined fragment operand guard covered by activation
Removed some redundant properties generated to Project Publisher outcome
Supported more short diagram names in searching diagram for creation
Supported reversing stored procedure and trigger’s documentation
Supported creating BPMN pool/lane by dragging UML actor onto BPD
Cleared undo history after synchronizing from/to ERD and Class Diagram
Changed the behavior of clicking Working Procedure resource to open Working Procedure editor
Disallowed connecting lifelines inside and outside frame

Fixed unassigned member cannot be re-selected in Sprint (UeXceler web)
Fixed wrongly allowed adding reference to confirmed and completed user stories
Fixed wrongly allowed associating Task Pool from confirmed and completed user stories
Fixed wrongly enabled filter button in UeXceler
Fixed unable to open a user story link copied from UeXceler web
Fixed missing Record & Manage Audio button for use case’s description
Fixed wrongly allowed editing use case’s description after merged to trunk
Fixed slow performance for editing in use case statement
Fixed wrong positioning of confirmation item
Fixed strange orphan sprint box remain when cancel sprint creation (UeXceler web)
Supported “Unassign from” and “Add assignee” Sprint (UeXcler web)
Supported adding user story directly in sprint
Changed the caption and font to use for buttons in Add User Story page of sprint
Only allowed closing working sprint

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed unable to login to view a diagram shared by PostMania (with URL)
Fixed diagram list in PostMania doesn’t refresh itself to exclude diagrams deleted by client
Prompt when attempt to share a diagram with PostMania when the diagram contains plugin shape

Fixed refactoring wrongly included “Referenced By” elements
Fixed refactoring wrongly warned for project compatibility issue

Wireframe and Storyboard
Fixed not selecting wireframe widget after opening PostMania post
Kept wireframe viewing position when playing wireframes in a storyboard

Build 20160202

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed duplicate name checking wrongly checked original name when working under a nickname
Fixed a BPMN export issue
Fixed wrong layout of Call Action Specification
Fixed missing UeXceler data
Fixed adding screen capture shape on diagram via popup menu doesn’t trigger screen capturing
Fixed redundant Expand button appeared after collapsing a mind map node
Fixed a problem that may cause classes unable to be deleted
Supported more shortforms in searching diagram type for creation – act, dep, sd, stm
Supported Instant Reverse XSD with namespace documentation
Improved alignment guide when use against Rest API Resource
Restricted the width of wireframe text field to shorter than its parent

Fixed bad positioning of popup menu in UeXceler (web)
Fixed user story list in Add User Story page wrongly displayed confirmed stories
Fixed hidden user story description
Fixed different ordering of use cases between the standalone and web version of UeXceler
Fixed switching project in UeXceler does not update the active page content
Fixed wrong ordering of UeXceler confirmation items
Fixed wrong ordering of UeXceler conversation items
Fixed not keep showing User Story page after committing
Fixed double click to select a text in user story causes the story to be opened
Fixed wrong cursor icon when moving mouse pointer over sprint date (UeXceler web)
Fixed unable to open user story in UeXceler web
Fixed deleted user story wrongly appeared in Model Explorer
Fixed missing embedded image in the description of use case (UeXceler web)
Fixed deleted user story re-appear (UeXceler web)
Fixed the filter in User Story page does not update upon the opening project
Fixed drag and drag user story wrongly enabled editing mode
Fixed UeXceler failed to show use case diagram properly (web)
Hide the popup menu after selecting Edit on a use case statement
Not to warn unchanged sprint end date
Not to show the name of use case in breadcrumb for user stories opened from User Story page
Enhanced the structuring of UeXceler sub-menus in Visual Studio integration
Enhanced the font properties of placeholder text in UeXceler (web)
Supported opening UeXceler from Tasifier
Supported showing the number of confirmation and conversation items in their tabs
Prompt when trying to save a team project that has UeXceler data as local project
Improved the repositioning of user story by drag and drop
Improved the scaling of wireframe preview in UeXceler (web)
Disallowed duplicating use cases in UeXceler use case diagram
Disallowed ‘Change Type’ on UeXceler -created use cases

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed several mistakes in Teamwork Server account activation pages
Fixed a Teamwork Server commit issue caused by a large amount of data being committed
Fixed wrong placement of attachment diagram in Tasifier
Fixed PostMania does not update itself to reflect the deletion of diagram
Fixed wrong sorting of diagram thumbnails in Team Recent page of Project Browser
Fixed unable to import a project to server when its project name is used by a deleted project

Build 20160203

Fixed deleted Teamwork Folder being re-created due to renaming folder
Fixed application hang when the action to move a pool triggers the change of master view
Fixed UeXceler issues in NetBeans integration

Build 20160301

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed undo deletion of shape wrongly visualized a connector in hidden layer
Fixed abnormal layout in Call Action specification window
Fixed selector of wireframe widget remain visible on screen even when the widgets are moved by key pressing
Fixed a wrong project modification checking
Fixed a performance issue when copying and pasting external text into BPD working procedure
Fixed element reference being removed by refactoring
Fixed a memory problem
Fixed FK column being removed wrongly when removing PK column
Fixed missing Template Info
Fixed application may hang in Mac when dragging a model element from its parent to root, via Model Explorer
Fixed a problem related to ‘Find’ in description text
Fixed several issues related to parent model selection when performing DB reversal via wizard
Fixed an issue related to reversing Java code to sequence diagram
Disallowed incorrect image selection in setting the presentation of shapes
Skipped project management properties in Visual Diff
Supported reversing collate from SQL Server
Updated Help contents
Updated Polish translation

Fixed a problem related to UeXceler in NetBeans integration
Fixed bad character in member name for members invited by UeXceler
Fixed bad positioning of tag icon in UeXceler (Web)
Fixed inconsistent ordering of use cases in UeXceler between Visual Paradigm and web client
Fixed shifted scroll position in Use Case page of UeXceler after updating project
Fixed redundant row created in Conversation item when pressing Delete (web)
Fixed unexpected conflicts caused by a difference in use case ID between local and server copy
Fixed wrong project name showed in UeXceler if the project had been renamed
Fixed a project import error caused by the length of user story name
Fixed bad popup menu behavior in the Confirmation page of user story
Fixed pressing Enter when editing the Conversation of a user story does not auto scroll to the new line
Fixed user story’s description editor covers another user story when editing
Fixed user story’s conversation content being covered by scrollbar
Fixed missing hints when creating sprint
Fixed missing date in user story log
Made tag icon hidden when editing user story
Revised the error messages that appear when entering a text with non acceptable length in UeXceler (web)
Disallowed duplicating <> use cases
Improved tag selection behavior for user story
Improved the scrolling speed for user story’s Confirmation editor
Improved the scrolling speed for user story’s Conversation edito
Supported adding indentation in Conversation of UeXceler by pressing tab (web)
Supported animation effect for the + button in User Story page (Web)
Supported showing In-Sprint user stories in use case > user stories page
Supported tooltip of tags in user stories
Supported reordering requirements in use case

Collaborative Modeling
Fixed an error in committing project
Fixed a wrong matching of folder name (Teamwork File) caused by naming a folder to one that’s deleted earlier
Fixed Visual History not showing the value of tags
Fixed subscribing VPository via web shows “Switch back to Visual Paradigm” in congratulations screen
Fixed disabled commit menu in NetBeans integration
Supported linking back to dashboard in VP Server administrator panel

Build 20160401

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed unable to remove the transition between model elements
Fixed application may hang when using Resource Catalog
Fixed unable to search and replace value in tagged value
Fixed several bad editing behaviors associated with attribute in requirement shape
Fixed unable to reverse inner class operation when drill down reverse sequence diagram
Fixed last modify date of diagram not reflect the time it made change?
Fixed several license activation issues
Fixed a C++ instant reverse issue
Fixed sorting by Element Type in Doc Composer actually sorts by Name
Fixed changing the type of element cause it be moved to another diagram layer
Fixed missing message argument in exported XMI
Fixed failed to list attributes in matrix
Fixed unable to open a glossary term by Ctrl-Click when used in pool name
Fixed unable to create getter and setter for multiple attributes
Fixed wrong order of BPMN group
Fixed unable to show non English characters in the popup of sequence message
Fixed unable to create project with user defined language type
Fixed actor’s goal not editable
Fixed bad alignment of connector in BPD
Fixed bad text highlighting when searching
Fixed BPMN intermediate event does not anchor in sub-process
Supported Choreography Task for Resource Catalog of gateway
Supported a syntax that caused the reversal of PostgreSQL not to work before
Updated Czech translation

Fixed unable to list user stories in the Add User Story page if the list is too long (UeXceler in web)
Fixed wrong color of user story title bar
Fixed editing description of user story lost when switch to another tab
Fixed a memory issue caused by creating storyboard in user story
Fixed sprint not automatically opened upon creation (UeXceler in web)
Fixed bad synchronization of conversation items
Fixed wrongly allowed adding story to closed sprint
Fixed unable to scroll to the bottom of confirmation item page
Fixed cancel committing in NetBeans integration erases active sprint page content
Fixed several issues related to the date picker of sprint
Fixed same user story appear twice in UeXceler
Fixed bad scroll position of page caused by the synchronization of data
Fixed blank entries in popup menu
Fixed not clearing popup menu of user story after dragging
Fixed unable to assign user story to multiple members in sprint member page
Fixed user story not re-appear after the deletion of sprint that contain that story
Fixed wrong position of popup menu
Fixed user stories’ conversation and confirmation note being exported in Doc. Composer
Fixed empty filter list in user story page
Fixed user stories from previous project remain appearing in newly created project
Fixed backspace doesn’t work properly in conversation page
Fixed unable to reorder user story in sprint member page
Fixed the layout of Use Case page
Showed project name in title of web page
Kept the scroll position in User Story page (UeXceler in web)
Not to show the status of user story in sprint page
Revised the warning messages that appear when naming user stories and sprints with long name
Improved the editing behavior of user story
Supported opening user story in Add User Story (to Sprint) page
Supported confirming sprint name by pressing Enter

Fixed unable to open Tasifier in Visual Paradigm
Fixed deleted attachment file remain existing in Tasifier
Fixed Tasifier hotkey doesn’t work
Fixed not showing Task Pool in task detail for closed Task Pool

Build 20160501

Fixed unable to preview in Doc. Composer
Fixed bad rendering of Tasifier stage
Fixed missing ‘Attach File’ link in task stage
Fixed unexpected rendering of column width and page breaks with Doc. Composer
Fixed an error related to Instant Reverse PHP
Fixed copy diagram content as image missing connector
Fixed removing tag produced dummy Recent filter
Fixed unable to view deployment diagram in PostMania
Fixed wrong highlighting in Find
Fixed bad rendering of conversation item’s font color
Fixed inconsistent header style in Doc. Composer
Fixed PNG preview failed to be displayed in IE
Fixed connector lost in analysis diagram
Fixed several project opening issue
Fixed general user story not print to Doc. Composer
Fixed a DDL reversal issue
Fixed a performance issue in database reversal
Fixed several issues related to undo and redo
Update Czech translation

Build 20160601

Fixed parameter added to constraint block wrongly appeared in attributes compartment
Fixed missing enum literal in generated IDL file
Fixed a problem related to Doc. Composer template related to product update
Prompt when attempting to layout a diagram that has invisible layers
Fixed problematic shape selection in PostMania
Fixed a commit problem happened after upgrading version earlier version

  • Fixed a problem related to Maria DB reversal
  • Fixed parallel gateway not result in executing parallel path during process simulation
  • Build 20160602

    Fixed image content of wireframe widget lost in project importing

    Build 20160701

    Fixed commit project may cause wireframe image widget to disappear
    Fixed a problem related to committing project
    Fixed misplaced connector end in exported image
    Disallowed reverting revisions created by server

    Build 20160702

    Fixed a project commit problem related to wireframe
    Fixed a diagram editing issue

    Build 20160801

    Fixed a project import problem
    Fixed a Postgres DB reversal problem

    Build 20160802

    Fixed an undo problem related to Timing Frame

    Build 20160902

    Fixed unable to undo deleting timing frame
    Fixed several issues related to undo/redo

    Build 20161001

    Fixed application may hang when reversing source code into model
    Fixed choreography sub-process not retain it size when collapse its BPD
    Fixed a problem related to undo

    Build 20161101

    Fixed an issue related to expanding choreography sub-process
    Fixed a SQL generation issue

    Build 20161201

    Fixed several minor issues