Visual Paradigm 13.1 ChangeLogs

Build 20160502

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed several issues related to project opening
Fixed unable to view image preview in PostMania
Fixed a performance issue related to importing PowerDesigner
Fixed bad positioning of created shape
Fixed several issues related to undo and redo
Fixed type name not appear for attribute in Parametric Diagram
Fixed a potential Community Edition startup problem
Fixed HTML tag shown in Doc. Composer
Fixed HTML tag shown in Project Publisher
Fixed bad sizing of message content in message pane
Supported listing SoaML diagram types in New Diagram window when searching ‘soa’ and 'soaml’
Supported listing Requirement Diagram in New Diagram window when searching 'sysml’
Improved the performance in saving project
Improved the performance in opening project
Revised several warning messages
Removed a redundant script file

Fixed a profile image display issue in UeXceler
Fixed general user stories not get printed to Doc. Composer
Supported opening user story in ‘Add User Story’ page
Improved the behavior of repositioning user story

Fixed unable to show tag name properly in Tasifier
Fixed missing ‘Attach File’ link in Tasifier
Fixed attachment in subtask wrongly appears in parent task

Database Engineering
Fixed an issue related to reversing database view
Fixed a performance issue related to reversing database
Fixed a DDL reversal issue
Fixed an editing behavior of ERD sample editor pane

Build 20160601

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed a project opening issue
Fixed Swing exception thrown when using Open API
Fixed parameter added to constraint block wrongly appeared in attributes compartment
Fixed unable to show the value of value pin
Fixed deleting operation from locked class not prompt for password
Fixed unable to show correct foreground settings in Formats window in multiple shape selection
Fixed problematic class searching in when selecting class for lifeline as classifier
Fixed a problem related to running with Korean language
Fixed short separator in Dash menu
Fixed wrong source element detected when using Resource Catalog in BPD
Fixed unable to repeat shape creation by pressing F3
Fixed guard condition not covered in search and replace
Fixed several issues related to undo and redo
Fixed a problem related to DB View editor
Fixed unable to automatically expand DDL Clauses editor upon clicking
Fixed missing change when transit Logical ERD to Physical ERD
Fixed unable to paste activity swimlane as model
Fixed a problematic requirement attribute editing behavior
Fixed bad alignment guide in sequence diagram
Fixed a problem related to renaming user story
Fixed invalid containment connector may be produced by revering a revision
Fixed user defined shape not being included in PDF exporting
Fixed bad caption on user defined image
Fixed an XMI importing issue
Fixed diagrams are not associated with elements after refactoring on the diagram
Fixed a project opening issue caused by renaming project
Fixed parallel gateway not result in executing parallel path during process simulation
Fixed DPI settings ignored when exporting selection as image
Fixed unable to start Android Studio integration on Mac
Fixed running update program does not prompt for UAC when needed
Improved the positioning of black ports’ caption
Optimized memory consumption when opening project
Prompt when attempting to layout a diagram that has invisible layers
Revised several warning messages
Supported creating BPD under use case’s Diagrams tab

Fixed unable to click on year in the date picker of Sprint
Fixed bad highlight of user story header caused by mouse selection (Web version of UeXceler)
Fixed wrongly supported creating user story in user story assignment page
Fixed a layout problem of user story (Web version of UeXceler)
Fixed color of conversation item lost (Web version of UeXceler)
Fixed wrong sprint duration
Fixed several problematic behaviors related to the use of Up, Down and Enter keys in conversation editor of user story (Web version of UeXceler)
Fixed missing UeXceler item in toolbar
Fixed unable to open user story in new window
Fixed an error related to creating user story in new sprint
Fixed a navigability issue that makes it unable to go back from subdiagram to its parent use case
Fixed a layout problem of breadcrumb related to lengthy user story subject
Fixed user story seemingly not created when creating user story in the user story page that has filter applied
Fixed removing the tag of user story doesn’t remove it from the user story page that has filter applied
Fixed user story newly added in sprint view lost after a few seconds (Web version of UeXceler)
Fixed wrongly allowed creating an empty tag in the web version of UeXceler
Fixed adding and changing storyboard and scenario in user story not logged
Fixed ugly layout of user story (Web version of UeXceler)
Fixed unable to go back to Tasifier from UeXceler
Fixed several issues caused by synchronizing the creation of sprint from standalone Visual Paradigm to web
Fixed missing scrollbar in members configuration page of sprint
Improved the appearance of Link dialog box opened from user story (Web version of UeXceler)
Added tooltips for tools in Confirmation editor (Web version of UeXceler)
Changed searching of member name to be case insensitive

Fixed an alignment problem of file thumbnails in Tasifier task
Fixed unable to delete a Teamwork project caused by the existence of subtask (Tasifier) in that project
Fixed redundant new lines produced in task description when pasting content
Fixed unable to paste XML code into Tasifier task description
Fixed task description typed lost
Allowed any team member to complete a Tasifier task when the task has no assignee set
Changed to show plain text for task description that shows in Delete Task prompt
Duplicate also file attachments when duplicating Tasifier task
Supported moving multiple tasks in Tasifier to “To do/New/Pending” lists at the same time

Code/DB Engineering
Fixed missing enum literal in generated IDL file
Fixed several issues related to the reversal of Oracle 11G DDL
Fixed a problem related to Maria DB reversal
Fixed Instant Reverse of XSD wrongly adds an empty line to element description
Rearranged the menus for code reversal/generation features

Document Production
Fixed bad text trimming in PDF output by Doc. Composer
Fixed a problem related to Doc. Composer template related to product update
Fixed a problem related to points and numbering in Doc. Composer Word outcome
Fixed Fill-in Doc removes line break in output
Fixed Doc. Composer (Build from scratch) failed to display a part of text in preview
Changed to return a non fully qualified string when using @property=“type” or “returnType” in Doc. Composer
Not to show information about use case status in requirements specification generated in Doc. Composer
Removed redundant Doc menus in IDE
Supported @property=“typeWithFullyQualify” in Doc. Composer
Supported listing elements in grid by using doc fields in Doc. Composer Fill-in Doc

Collaborative Modeling & Other Teamwork Features
Fixed a commit problem happened after upgrading version earlier version
Fixed sometimes not listing Teamwork Files
Fixed wrong message in VPository login window, related to product version
Fixed referenced diagram elements are rendered as detached in PostMania
Fixed problematic shape selection in PostMania

Build 20160602

Project exporting/importing
Fixed image content of wireframe widget lost in project importing

Build 20160701

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed redundant project file created in temp folder
Fixed activity diagram in Visio being recognized as class diagram during importing
Fixed a DDL reversal problem
Fixed action does not re-render itself to reflect to re-location of operation being used as call operation
Fixed several undo/redo problems
Fixed unable to perform code reversal to Sequence Diagram if the source file contains unicode characters
Fixed import project wrongly causes device frame in wireframe be duplicate
Fixed misplaced connector end in exported image
Fixed Format Copier button does not work when being put in Dash Menu
Fixed unable to navigate from action to call operation
Fixed caption of block created at strange position
Fixed unable to set font color for text in confirmation item
Fixed a software hang problem
Fixed duration constraint shifted after entering editing mode
Fixed an instant reverse problem due to space character in file path
Fixed an overlapping problem for interaction use’s display name
Improved several warning messages
Improve the usage of alignment guide in sequence diagram
Renamed the message “Return Message” to “Reply Message”

Fixed delay in showing just-created user story in UeXceler (web)
Fixed table border not rendered in use case’s description editor (web)
Fixed unable to click between two user stories to create a new one (web)
Changed the layout of several popup menu in UeXceler (web)
Improved the layout of user story shape – the description part
Improved the layout of use case page
Improved sprint page’s layout
Disallowed creating line breaks in user story name
Supported selecting user story by pressing on any part of the story, in Add User Story to Sprint page (web)

Teamwork Server/VPository
Fixed case insensitive checking for member email (Teamwork Server administrator)
Fixed commit project may cause wireframe image widget to disappear
Not to show company name in the popup menu for switching between different Teamwork Server services
Disallowed reverting revisions created by server

Build 20160702

Fixed a project commit problem related to wireframe
Fixed a diagram editing issue

Build 20160801

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed a Visio file importing problem
Fixed the use of Sweeper and Magnet may mess up diagram content
Fixed a PHP Instant Reverse problem
Fixed unable to perform “Select in Tree” for constraint connector
Fixed a connector connectivity issue
Fixed a Word document generation issue that may cause the generated file unable to be opened
Fixed cropped document content in Doc. Composer’s preview
Fixed non-working Doc. Composer template 'Project > User Story Tag’
Fixed renaming an element does not cause its name be updated in popup
Fixed duplicated wireframe content in a mess
Fixed non responsive Tasifier
Fixed blank file preview in Tasifier
Included the description of class members and operation code detail in the summary table of Project Publisher outcome
Updated French translation
Disallowed deleting <<Case Story>> use cases
Disallowed deleting diagram that contains <<Case Story>> use cases
Corrected bad user story name in sample project
Breaks the visual linkage to original sub-process diagram when duplicating sub-process
Refined a warning message that shows when failed to perform offline activation
Not to show model indicator for note shape
Supported aligning ports with alignment guide
Supported showing participants in Model Explorer

Fixed a wrong “Not Modified” warning that appears in selecting a date for sprint period
Fixed an error that may happen when removing tag from user story
Fixed duplicated user story being created
Improve the sensitivity of user story selection with mouse click
Supported pressing Esc to cancel creating or editing a conversation note
Supported pressing Esc to cancel creating or editing a confirmation item

Build 20160802

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed unable to attach connector end to shape body
Fixed an undo problem related to Timing Frame

Build 20160902

Fixed several editing problems associated with conversation item editor of user story
Fixed the resolution of missing project reference not being treated as a project modification
Fixed several issues related to undo/redo
Fixed unable to edit in user story’s subject after expanding its description
Fixed a DDL reversal issue
Fixed unable to drag connector end into shape body
Fixed unable to undo deleting timing frame
Fixed parent of class not show according to nickname
Fixed incorrect display of property value in description content, for column type
Fixed link entity created at wrong location
Fixed missing mouse pointer for wireframe in Doc. Composer’s outcome

Build 20161001

Fixed unable to delete and re-create a task pool from a user story
Fixed application may hang when reversing source code into model
Fixed potential problems of PostMania caused by emoji
Fixed tablespace not being included in generated DDL
Fixed association direction arrow not follow caption orientation when reopen project
Fixed a IDL reversal issue

Build 20161101

Some minor bug fixes

Build 20161201

Fixed an issue related to undo/redo

Build 20170101

Fixed “Show Referenced Attributes” didn’t work
Fixed an error happened in XML exporting
Fixed unable to drag and drop class onto diagram
Fixed an issue related to undo/redo

Build 20170121

Fixed an issue about Instant Generator

Build 20170401

Fixed a project commit issue
Fixed a project update issue
Fixed a DS Connector issue

Build 20170501

Some minor bug fixes