Visual Paradigm 13.2 ChangeLogs

Build 20160902

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed incorrect checking of project modification
Fixed unable to resize artifact shape
Fixed editor sloughed off when zooming, during editing
Fixed dummy line break added to note shape when the diagram is read-only
Fixed analysis diagram failed to persist diagram content in certain case
Fixed incorrect display of property value in description content, for column type
Fixed unable to export CMMN diagram XML
Fixed parent of class not show according to nickname
Fixed an error related to the Edit Profile screen
Fixed unable to save project in Visual Studio environment
Fixed an issue related to BPMN importing
Fixed several issues related to undo/redo
Fixed fitting a class (shape)’s size cause part of its operation trimmed
Fixed link entity created at wrong location
Fixed an issue related to sequence diagram
Fixed unable to select package visibility operation from inner class
Fixed custom DDL not being exported to database
Fixed unable to open sample project by running Visual Paradigm without the admin permission required
Showed Copy button for copying link in breadcrumb
Not to render blue background for annotations in a wireframe, in exported images
Updated Polish translation

Fixed wrongly allowed creating user story (placeholder) by read-only member
Fixed inconsistent background color for User Story page
Fixed refresh in a sprint page causes another sprint be opened
Fixed incorrectly reset the scroll position when another member has added a user story into a sprint
Fixed popup menu of user story not closed (UeXceler on web)
Fixed wrongly presented the avatar of inactive member in user story
Fixed the display of redundant placeholder text “Enter a confirmation items”
Fixed automatically scrolled when clicking on the last conversation note
Fixed hidden whitespace in user story description
Fixed poor alignment of confirmation steps (UeXceler on web)
Fixed several bad editing behaviors of confirmation items
Fixed poor layout in sprint page
Supported adding viewing user story to working sprint
Supported double clicking on the background of the Design tab of user story to create diagram
Prompt to set user story to confirm when all confirmation items are checked

Fixed unable to set the due date of the second stage of a Tasifier task to the same as that set to the first stage
Fixed inconsistent placement of Yes/No button in several dialog window of Tasifier
Fixed a problem related to re-ordering the status of Task Pool in configuration page
Fixed video played twice when being opened from a Tasifier task

Project Browser
Added an icon for the menu Copy URL (for Teamwork Files)
Applied alphabetical sorting for files in Project Browser
Supported copy and paste Teamwork Files with Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V

Document Production/Project Publisher
Fixed missing Doc. Composer element templates for CMMN diagram
Fixed reference resource icon wrongly appear in Project Publisher outcome caused by hidden layer
Fixed Fill-in Doc failed to show scenario’s model element links
Fixed missing mouse pointer for wireframe in Doc. Composer’s outcome

Build 20161001

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed unable to select called element from referenced project, for BPMN call activity
Fixed not selecting Default template for (bootstrap) breadcrumb by default
Fixed Switch Diagram pane sometimes not gone
Fixed the font size of editing text in a bootstrap popup menu is bigger than that in non editing mode
Fixed call activity’s name remains unchanged if the target is a BPD
Fixed importing project causes diagram be felt to project root
Fixed tablespace not being included in generated DDL
Fixed inconsistent filter behavior in Viewless Model Element window
Fixed choreography sub-process not retain it size when collapse its BPD
Fixed choreography sub-process shows preview of its process diagram even not being expand
Fixed several undo and redo issues
Fixed the modified date of diagram remains unchanged despite changed (Project Browser)
Fixed the icon for toggling working procedure editor got exported to image in publisher outcome
Fixed association direction arrow not follow caption orientation when reopen project
Fixed inconsistent default width for pool and pool-with-lane
Fixed unable to drag and drop wireframe widget onto an image
Fixed expand choreography sub-process ruins diagram layout
Fixed a shape ordering problem in BPD, caused by pool and lane
Not to show business rule types in Project Publisher outcome
Disallowed entering non-numeric characters for estimation
Renamed OK button to Next in Install Plugin window
Changed the default background color of CMMN Case shape
Updated the drop down menus’ captions under the Configuration toolbar menu
Shows names for diagram pallet items by default

Fixed missing user stories statuses when importing a UeXceler-disabled-project to server
Fixed part of the user story description got trimmed
Fixed reorder user story in member configuration page of sprint may cause the user story be duplicated
Fixed unable to cancel the popup menu appearing for adding tag
Fixed unable to double click on a user story to add it into sprint sometimes
Fixed unable to view user story’s subject completely when it has tags and assigned members
Fixed unable to delete and re-create a task pool from a user story
Fixed unable to press Esc to cancel sprint creation
Fixed diagram not being reopened after committing in IDE
Fixed big ‘Add User Story into Sprint’ icon
Fixed wrongly rendered non-in-sprint user story in red
Fixed wrong coloring of confirmation item text in continuous editing
Fixed user story not selected when opening use case page from user story
Fixed the change of storyboard and scenario in a user story not being logged
Fixed pressing Tab in confirmation item wrongly shows Date Picker
Fixed unable to delete multiple user stories at the same time
Fixed bad user stories’ ordering when back from user story page
Adjusted the font size of user story in UeXceler

Team Collaboration
Fixed unable to open a task pool from its link in the description page of a closed task
Fixed the hotkey Ctrl-Tab doesn’t bring user back to the source user story from an opening task pool in Tasifier
Fixed unable to display some dropdown menus completely in Tasifier
Fixed unable to drag tasks to another tag
Fixed duplicated commit project window
Fixed moving Teamwork Files to parent folder cause active folder selection be changed
Fixed potential problems of PostMania caused by emoji

Code Engineering
Fixed unable to make selection in REST API generation window
Fixed application may hang when reversing source code into model
Fixed redundant space created in package by visualizing reversed class models into class diagram
Fixed a IDL reversal issue

Build 20161021

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed annotation text disappear in grid upon clicking
Fixed dragging and dropping organization unit to BPD doesn’t add it as lane to existing pool
Fixed a document exporting issue caused by Polish characters
Fixed diagram type ‘Desktop Wireframe’ not being recognized when being used in a doc field
Fixed several undo and redo issues
Fixed classes produced by C++ round-trip not show in alphabetical order in Class Repository
Fixed disappeared text in ID Generator Format table
Refined edition selection mechanism for evaluation
Detect and tell user when project cannot be opened due to insufficient disk space

Fixed redundant scrollbar in a popup menu

Team Collaboration
Fixed mis-placed commit screen
Fixed clicking on task’s subject in Tasifier wrongly confirm user’s selection
Fixed an issue related to DS connector
Fixed a Tasifier issue when use in ArchiMetric
Fixed unable to edit user story statuses due to disabled member group permission
Fixed a Teamwork Server migration issue

Code/DB Engineering
Fixed improper creation of metadata DDL when reversing a Firebird DB
Fixed a DDL reversal issue

Build 20161101

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed nothing happened when performing Compact Layout
Fixed showing port in component wrongly set the ports as master view
Fixed moved connector captions when adding nickname
Fixed missing HTML content in copy and paste
Fixed connectors between pools vibrate when resizing lanes
Fixed a project commit problem in Android Studio integration
Fixed wrong sprint being opened when clicking on sprint name in breadcrumb
Fixed unable to visualize constraints created via Open Specification window
Fixed undo expanding choreography subprocess still shows preview
Fixed Fill-in doc generated content in wrong location
Fixed wrongly allows creating lane in blackbox pool
Sorted project list in Tasifier
Disallowed creating elements in locked layer passively

Build 20161201

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed several issues related to undo/redo
Fixed unable to use the Link feature by pressing Ctrl-L
Fixed ‘Find and Replace’ does not consider association roles
Fixed an issue related to the use of enumeration in Instant Generator
Fixed non-English character become unicode after Find and Replace
Fixed a rendering issue for tree nodes in Model Explorer
Fixed wireframe annotation unable to show Tab character
Fixed bad color for annotation text when playing wireframe
Fixed mind map connector point pinned after swept
Fixed caption of package not stick to top when show in primitive shape
Fixed mis-placed rectilinear connector after conflict resolution
Fixed a translation issue for Doc. Composer
Fixed InstantFreeze doesn’t work in BPMN pool and lane
Fixed an issue related to adding model element reference to description pane
Fixed import Rose does not resolve the type reference in class member
Fixed Doc. Composer image missing after export & import of XML
Fixed renaming lifeline causes its classifier to disappear
Fixed use case ID non editable in UeXceler
Supported word wrap for business rule name when show as shape

Build 20170101

Fixed unable to login to Teamwork Server from VP client
Fixed a content rendering issue in Word document exported from Doc. Composer
Fixed unable to connect to an intermediate event attached to a sub-process
Fixed a database generation issue
Fixed unable to copy a sequence diagram from one project to another
Fixed unable to add a business rule ID Generator Format
Fixed unable to add Decision Table (diagram) to Logical View
Fixed round rectilinear connector misplace after conflict resolution
Fixed a performance issue happened in Excel exporting
Fixed a non working button in Chart
Fixed poor appearance of generalization set after committing
Fixed a PostgreSQL DB reversal issue
Fixed a C++ Instant Reverse issue on Mac
Fixed an issue related to undo/redo
Fixed a use case deletion problem

Build 20170121

Fixed application hang when visualize relationship
Fixed reference loss after refactoring
Fixed an issue about Instant Generator

Build 20170401

Fixed a validation issue for the exported XML
Fixed use case not listed in UeXceler
Fixed a project commit issue
Fixed a project update issue

Build 20170501

Fixed importing Simple Type Enumeration Class results in attributes instead of enumerations
Fixed unable to confirm change on attribute due to initial value not set
Fixed Stereotype selection in Find window not allow selecting stereotypes from referenced projects

Build 20170601

Fixed recently used stereotype form ref project not being listed out

Build 20170701

Fixed an issue related to Glossary Grid
Fixed Nickname prompt keep showing even after switching nickname

Build 20170801

General usability enhancements

Build 20170901

Fixed a project opening issue
Fixed an undo/redo issue in Fact Model
Fixed a project commit issue