Visual Paradigm 14.0 ChangeLogs

Build 20161021

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed difficult to connect a BPMN intermediate event in an embedded sub-process
Fixed a C++ Instant Reverse issue on Mac
Fixed broken connectors in exported image of migration roadmap
Fixed collapse & expand sub-process causing pool header disappear
Fixed narrow Diagram Navigator when creating new document in Doc. Composer
Fixed Doc. Composer cannot retrieve relationships to ref project element
Fixed an undo/redo issue related to Timing Frame
Fixed a project opening issue
Fixed name of swimlane being changed after moved/renamed
Fixed unable to present Tab character in wireframe’s annotation
Fixed unable to drag to create a new component in an existing component
Fixed a problem that may cause tagged value be duplicated
Fixed open project dialog not showing folders right after open it
Fixed a use case deletion problem
Supported exporting active diagram from maturity analysis, implementation plan and migration roadmap
Supported zoom 100% and zoom to region in maturity analysis
Disallowed editing layers in read-only diagrams

Build 20170121

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed missing shapes in resource catalog when viewpoint selected
Fixed Instant Generator hang
Fixed poor layout of DDL Clause field in Entity specification window
Fixed reference lost when refactoring
Fixed several issues related to working under HIDPI environment
Fixed application may hang when visualizing relationship
Fixed Precision and Scale wrong on fields reverse engineered from Oracle database
Fixed cabinet folders not support non-English characters when create Teamwork files
Fixed code generation wrongly complain invalid visibility ""
Removed some redundant elements in Project Publisher outcome
Increase mouse wheel scroll speed in chart configuration screen
Updated Polish translation
Doc. Composer supports supporting diagram by user ID (template XML)

Build 20170302

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed various issues related to running under HI-DPI environment
Fixed poor shape location for duplicated wireframe shapes
Fixed non expandable chart node
Fixed shape icon step over table border in document
Fixed several undo and redo issues
Fixed missing menu in Eclipse integration
Fixed an error during VP Server migration
Fixed Analysis Diagram unable to identify the visualization of model elements under referenced project
Fixed object instance losses classifier
Fixed unable to confirm Edit Favorite Connector window
Fixed diagram toolbar looks ugly when using icons & configure buttons
Fixed Export to Excel skipped Aggregation connector
Fixed missing [ ] in Java code generated by Instant Generator
Fixed Update Project button doesn’t function in Viewer Edition
Fixed a problem with Magnet in State Machine Diagram
Fixed unable to visualize port on Instance Specification
Fixed no failure are reported when GenerateORM.bat is called and some issue is there
Fixed a date selection issue when using date picker in Tasifier
Fixed no margin follow to unique constraint name
Fixed getter and setter not generated
Fixed the size of tasks in PERT chart need to fit twice in order to have it optimized
Fixed redundant gap between elements of ellipse
Fixed incorrect model structure being imported
Automatic fit shape size when visualizing an existing shape
Unified the naming of elements in chart configuration screen
Supported templates for Business Concept Diagram

Build 20170403

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed unable to drag and drop files to upload it in Tasifier
Fixed a login problem in DS Connector
Fixed C++ IG type modifier
Fixed element from referenced project does not apply stereotype style
Fixed several issues associated with C++ round-trip engineering
Fixed user ID not exported to Excel
Fixed a server migration problem caused by file with colon in name
Fixed unable to obtain tagged values from user story via Open API
Fixed unable to duplicate state with region
Fixed unable to duplicate association class
Fixed a Rational Model import issue
Fixed a bulk installation issue
Fixed length of datatime2 was not correctly reversed from DB
Fixed a Hibernate reverse problem
Fixed use case not listed under UeXceler Use Case list
Fixed reverse engineering of XML schemas results in imported classes that lost XSDsequence stereotype
Fixed an email validation issue in Vpository subscription process
Fixed a PostMania file upload issue
Supported showing the groups that a member belongs to, in VP Server administrator

Build 20170501

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed unable to confirm change on attribute due to initial value not set
Fixed importing Simple Type Enumeration Class results in attributes instead of enumerations
Fixed refresh document in Doc. Composer failed to keep elements’ order in a Loop
Fixed error when generating REST API documentation
Fixed ‘Change Type’ not available in the popup menu of a shape
Fixed wrong numeric data type when changing database from Oracle to SQL Server
Fixed unable to change members’ profile photos in Vpository
Fixed a silent installation issue on Mac
Fixed Stereotype selection in Find window not allow selecting stereotypes from referenced projects
Fixed a viewpoint deletion problem
Fixed a project commit issue
Fixed unable to attach Teamwork Files to Tasifier
Fixed unable to display use cases in UeXceler
Fixed a DDL reversal issue

Build 20170601

Fixed recently used stereotype form ref project not being listed out
Fixed misplaced dialog box
Fixed a problem related to how BPMN Animation interpret intermediate event
Fixed a crashing when launching Tasifier within Visual Paradigm
Fixed closing Manage Nickname window doesn’t prompt for unsaved changes
Fixed several issues associated with undo and redo
Fixed unable to select CMMN diagram as scope in grid

Build 20170701

Fixed unable to set entity column to number(22)
Fixed several issues related to the use of reference project and refactoring

Build 20170801

Fixed unable to mirror an element from referenced project

Build 20170901

Fixed a project commit issue

Build 20171001

Fixed application might hang when refreshing document in Doc. Composer
Fixed a VP Server backup issue
Fixed unable to create branch on particular project

Build 20171201

Fixed a sign-on issue related to SAML

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Build 20180101

General usability enhancements

Build 20180201

Fixed a code update issue in Visual Studio integration