Visual Paradigm 14.1 ChangeLogs

Build 20170601

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed redundant entries listed in Jump-to Diagram dialog box
Fixed redundant white space in export PDF for Maturity Analysis and Cause and Effect Diagram
Fixed several issues related to undo and redo
Fixed a problem related to creating business rules in grid
Fixed unable to select CMMN diagram as scope in grid
Fixed wrong target activity opened when using ‘Next’ in Project Management Guide-through Process (Identification)
Fixed bad layout of document content shown in Doc. Composer
Fixed problematic drag behavior in ArchiMate diagram
Fixed redundant line breaks in documents generated from Doc. Composer
Fixed poor layout of links in Mind Map Diagram after collapsing and expanding node
Supported subscribing VPository with Google account
Supported line wrap of term’s name
Improved the positioning of breakdown structure elements when being created via Resource Centric Interface
Improved the layout of Activity screen (Guide-through process)
Disallowed creating Task Pool in Color Legend with duplicate name
Disabled layout in breakdown structure diagram

Fixed duplicated User Activity when being dragged
Fixed incorrect location of created Epic
Prompted user for deleting user story statement from Epic

Just-in-Time Process Composer
Fixed focus being moved to somewhere else when clicking on a cell in a form (Just-in-Time Process Composer)
Supported searching Just-in-Time Process Composer in New Diagram with search strings like TOGAF and PMBOK
Retain the open/close state of Just-in-Time Process Composer’s Work Item Gallery
Improved the speed of opening forms in Just-in-Time Process Composer
Made Just-in-Time Process Composer’s Work Item Gallery resizable

Online Drawing Tools
Fixed unable to show the description of tools fully in web diagram editor
Fixed losing background color for web diagrams
Fixed Resource Catalog failed to show completely in web diagram editor
Fixed redundant thin white space for tasks in PERT Chart (web PERT chart tool)

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Build 20170701

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed Nickname prompt keep showing even after switching nickname
Fixed a Tasifier start up issue when open in Visual Paradigm
Fixed a VPository activation issue
Fixed missing shape legend when export diagram to image
Fixed unable to open generated Word document
Fixed unable to show Format window
Fixed redundant line breaks in content of Doc. Composer
Fixed unable to set entity column to number(22)
Fixed numerous undo/redo issues
Moved project option ‘Diagramming > Class > Display of Stereotype Icon’ to 'Shape’
Improved VPository subscription process
Supported exporting diagrams as PDF via API
Supported word wrapping on mind map diagram

Fixed switching between diagram/Uexceler not preserve the UI state in UeXceler

Guide-through Process
Fixed unable to edit RACI on an activity in guide-through process
Fixed unable to use Resource Catalog on actor created from legend, when using guide-through process
Supported indicating progress of activities in guide-through process

Online Drawing Tools
Fixed unable to create lane below an existing lane, in web diagram
Fixed unable to export images from web diagrams caused by shape names with carriage return
Fixed unable to render icons of AWS diagram in diagram thumbnail

Build 20170801

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed no response when attempting to import a non-supported diagram type from Visual Paradigm Community Circle
Fixed unable to mirror an element from referenced project
Fixed not handling physical, logical and conceptual elements in ERWin importing
Fixed diagram image preview not fully shown in Doc. Composer
Fixed a VPository subscription issue
Fixed wrongly allowed creating sub-diagram on locked model when create via New Diagram window
Fixed a wrong referenced project path checking in using referenced project
Fixed a compile error related to generated ORM code
Fixed a potential hang issue related to pasting content into a form (TOGAF ADM Guide-through)
Fixed a couple of issues related to C++ round-trip
Fixed an undo issue related to Fact Model
Fixed image exported for Maturity Analysis crops part of the label
Fixed cannot drag & drop entity from reverse result to diagram on Mac
Reduced VPository’s subscription time
Renamed Fact Diagram to Fact Model
Removed the restriction of inner stage cannot exceed outer stage in Maturity Analysis
Made UeXceler, Tasifier and PostMania enabled by default when creating a new project
Made User Interface Diagram publicly available
Made the selection of Just-in-Time process template unspecified by default in New Diagram window
Supported retrieving the Doc Field for document components in Doc. Composer
Supported retrieving the URI to use in developing plug-in for components in Doc. Composer

Fixed UeXceler sometimes not working
Fixed requirements under use case not being published to Project Publisher
Made user story fall back to Affinity Table upon a failed attempt to move it to Spike List via drag and drop

Guide-through Process
Fixed duplicated deliverables in Architecture Repository

Online Drawing Tools
Fixed several issues related to activation editing in sequence diagram on web

Build 20170804

BMM Guide-through
Fixed a problem that may affect data completion upon re-completion of activity

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Build 20170902

General Fixes/Enhancements
Fixed unable to run Send to Backlog again on element with backlog item deleted
Fixed several undo and redo issues
Fixed an Adonis BPMN importing issue
Fixed a VP Server migration issue
Fixed duplicate number in sequence diagram
Fixed cropped popup menu "Add to Spike"
Fixed an Excel importing issue
Fixed unable to set length on tinyInt
Fixed user story on story mapping not showing its color code
Fixed a RedShift connection issue
Fixed unable to show Textual Analysis in Project Publisher outcome
Re-designed the Information window opened from components in Doc. Composer (Build-from Scratch)
Supported RACI for tasks in online PERT Chart

Guide-through Process/Just-in-Time Process Map
Fixed a Guide-Through process deliverable generation issue
Fixed a spelling mistake in BMM graphic
Fixed unable to launch Just-in-Time process
Fixed re-complete an activity in guide-through process clears data in subsequent activity

Code Engineering
Fixed Instant Generator unable to generate code from class inside a sub-diagram of diagram overview
Fixed a PHP reversal issue
Fixed an Instant Reverse failure issue

Community Circle
Fixed importing example from Community Circle to Mac may hang
Added more diagram samples and templates to Community Circle

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Build 20171001

Fixed a VP Server backup issue
Fixed a SAML sign-on issue
Fixed an application start up issue
Fixed an issue that caused it unable to create user story
Fixed deliverable pane in Just-in-Time Process Map wrongly collapsed upon project reopening
Fixed a copy-and-paste problem associated with classes
Fixed incorrect true/false status for popup menu ‘Show Direction’
Fixed several undo/redo issues
Fixed a failure in UeXceler
Fixed an issue related to glossary term
Fixed master/auxiliary view indicator show in printout
Supported REST Resource in Doc. Composer

Build 20171201

Fixed caption placement doesn’t work for submachine state
Fixed a Documentation Cabinet issue
Fixed an issue related to forming separate sub-process
Fixed unable to import project by URL
Fixed unable to visualize hidden relationships
Fixed several issues related to undo/redo
Supported re-ordering properties in Define Aspect window

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Build 20180101

General usability enhancements

Build 20180201

Fixed a performance issue in publishing project
Fixed a C++ code reversal issue caused by the use of ‘using’

Build 20180224

Fixed a performance issue in publishing project
Fixed a C++ code reversal issue caused by the use of ‘using’

Build 20180302

Fixed changing shape type wrongly changes the size of shape
Fixed several issues associated with XSD Instant Reverse

Build 20180501

Fixed faulty modification checking in specification window
Fixed a refactoring issue
Fixed a SAML connection issue

Build 20180601

General fixes and enhancements

Build 20180628

Fixed a SAML authentication issue
Fixed incorrect wireframe shape’s position