Visual Paradigm 15.0 ChangeLogs

Feb 27, 2018 - Visual Paradigm International Limited announced today the release of Visual Paradigm 15.0.

Visual Paradigm 15.0 introduces a number of new features, which includes:

  • Wireflow Diagram
  • Animating paths in Wireflow Diagram
  • STEPS - Efficient design and analysis with prescribed wizards
  • Visual API designer for Swagger-based RESTful API
  • Swagger-based RESTful API generation
  • Visual API designer for API-Blueprint formatted RESTful API
  • API-Blueprint formatted RESTful API generation
  • [VP Online] New diagram: ER Diagram
  • [VP Online] New diagram: Organization Chart
  • [VP Online] New diagram: Mind Map
  • [VP Online] New diagram: DFD
  • [VP Online] New diagram: Venn Diagram
  • [VP Online] New diagram: Floor Plan
  • [VP Online] Google Drive integration
  • [VP Online] Real-time synchronization of diagrams
  • [VP Online] Multilingual support
  • [VP Online] Visio drawing import
  • [VP Online] Multi-pages support

Enhancements to Visual Paradigm 15.0 includes:

  • Upgraded Hibernate version to 5.1
  • Improved stability in High DPI environments
  • Refined data forwarding mechanism for TOGAF ADM
  • Supported hiding interface caption in ArchiMate diagram
  • Supported importing styles for generate deliverables
  • Supported applying Shape Legend on connectors
  • Supported adding one shape to multiple layers
  • Supported sending shapes from Business Concept Diagram to backlog
  • Supported displaying parameter of entry/exit/do activity on State Machine Diagram
  • Supported entering several deliverable properties as variables
  • Introduced new user permission option to control who can upload Just-in-Time Work Items to repository
  • Improved Traditional Chinese support

Build 20180302

General fixes and enhancements
Fixed caption-less popup menu found in BMM guide-through process
Fixed an issue with AWS Diagram plug-in
Fixed performance issue in Project Browser caused by word-wrapped diagram name
Fixed description editor failed to show user story’s description
Fixed incorrect diagram modification checking
Fixed an ArchiMate Model Exchange File Format export issue
Fixed unable to create connector via gesture
Fixed unable to show HTML tagged values in shape
Fixed Visual Studio integration issue
Amended the content of VP Server account activation page
Improved the appearance of ArchiMate event upon resizing
Changed the alignment of extension point in use case shape
Supported generating deliverable to Document Repository manually
Supported exporting and importing BPMN via OpenAPI
Supported adding table columns in Data Table when in operation mode
Supported ending evaluation mode

Visual Paradigm Online
Fixed real-time diagram synchronization may not work in certain situation
Fixed diagram not automatically reopened after re-login
Fixed broken UI when using date picker around the window’s edge
Fixed unable to import web diagram into desktop due to multiple page support
Fixed wrong document icon of web diagram in Google Drive
Fixed an image exporting issue in VP Online
Improved VP Online Sign-up page
Rendered non-supported diagram types as disabled
Grouped web diagrams into categories
Changed web drawing tool to ask for saving device when saving diagram
Made the editing of connector caption easier

STEPS Wizard
Fixed unable to open sample from diagram when using STEPS Wizard
Fixed bad position of generated actor shape in STEPS Wizard
Supported importing Use Case 2.0 STEPS Wizard to new project
Added wizard links to What’s New page
Indicated the status of real-time diagram synchronization
Supported creating lines without source and target

ETL Table
Fixed ETL Table cell value rolled back after changing member name
Fixed user story created in ETL Table in wrong name
Changed not to list inactive members in ETL Table
Improved the performance of editing in ETL Table

REST API Designer
Fixed several data type issues when in Swagger API generation
Fixed REST API: POST parameter class not present in YAML definitions

Wireflow Diagram
Fixed Model Indicator being overwritten by wireflow scene’s component content
Fixed unable to undo adding scene to active path in wireflow diagram
Disallowed playing storyboard when there is no wireframe
Supported Wireflow diagram in Doc. Composer

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Build 20180401

General fixes and enhancements
Fixed not preserve Agile as opened diagram after committing
Fixed unable to navigate back to diagram from use case details through breadcrumb
Fixed unable to update the finish date of a sprint via ETL Table
Fixed connector wrongly moved after resizing the source shape (ArchiMate diagram)
Fixed unable to visualize relationships from BMM Guide-through process
Fixed unable to re-invite user after migrating from DS Connector to SAML
Fixed missing Access resource between Application Component and Data Object
Fixed missing Serving resource between Device and Application Component
Disallowed adding sub-diagrams to activation shape
Supported members configuration in Use Case 2.0 STEPS Wizard
Improved the appearance of ArchiMate Application Service upon resizing
Improved generic LDAP support in DS Connector

Visual Paradigm Online
Fixed a project switching issue in VP Online
Fixed several font issues in images exported from VP Online
Fixed part of an exported organization chart image cropped
Fixed unable to create Epics in ETL Table
Fixed unable to change the due dates in tasks in PERT Chart


Build 20180501

General fixes and enhancement
Improved the positioning of connector caption label when ‘Paint through Label’ is on
Supported configuring the maximum number of legend item to show
Supported reordering legend items
Supported removing multiple files from Documentation Cabinet
Supported using diagram from referenced project in diagram overview shape
Supported selecting connector type from Resource Catalog in Fact Model
Supported listing entity columns in matrix
Revised Community Edition activation screens’ content
Disallowed transiting Read-Only ERD from referenced project
Updated product Start Page’s content

DB / Code engineering
Fixed an error that prevents ORM Wizard Java class generation
Fixed REST API doc generator not distinguishing the parameters passed in the query from those in the header
Fixed an error during reversing PHP
Fixed a MySQL DDL reversal issue
Removed deprecated Oracle dialect

Agile Development / Scrum
Fixed unable to expand a collapsed Task Board column
User stories in Story Map are made clickable in Project Publisher’s outcome

Tasifier (Task Management)
Supported assigning same member to multiple tasks as verifier by dragging tasks to member’s logo with Alt pressed

Fixed unable to show popup menu when right clicking on a wireframe in storyboard created from wireflow
Supported using custom image files for scenes in wireflow diagram

ETL Table
Enhanced ETL Table editor: Pressing Space to toggle text editing
Enhanced ETL Table editor: Pressing Space to toggle combo box

Visual Paradigm Online: Drawing tool
Fixed unable to move shapes into a container when the selection contains connector
Supported the use of Resource Catalog in creating shapes in Flowchart (VP Online)
Supported creating diagram from Google Drive
Supported saving online diagrams to cloud repository for Express Edition users
Supported resizing icons in palette of Web Diagrams

Visual Paradigm Online: General
Supported switching to another workspace for VP Online

Visual Paradigm Online Major Updates

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Build 20180601

Fixed unable to delete text element using keyboard
Fixed a performance issue
Fixed missing handle column index in ORM class
Fixed a DDL generation issue
Fixed an alignment behavior of web diagram shapes
Fixed unable to move multiple shapes with keyboard
Fixed unable to change the color of connectors in Google Cloud Platform diagram
Fixed a deletion issue in user story’s conversation
Fixed pictogram collision with name of element’s caption for ArchiMate Location
Fixed an issue in exporting wireframes to project file
Fixed a layout issue in BPD
Included elements’ tagged value in exported ArchiMate Model Exchange File
Improved the content of Lock window
Supported pressing Ctrl-Click on a thumbnail of diagram template to open it
Supported format copier in web diagram
Included user activity, user task and epic in Project Publisher’s outcome
Supported limiting the scope of analysis in analysis diagram
Renamed Sprint Backlog to Development Backlog

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Build 20180701

Fixed a layout issue in BPD
Fixed incorrect duplicate name checking for Doc. Composer template
Fixed user story tags in random order
Fixed auxiliary view entity being generated in each ERD transit
Fixed default Schema not apply to trigger and procedures
Fixed node order in mind map not reserved when collapse and expand nodes
Fixed a VP Server installation issue
Fixed stereotype format not applied on operations moved from another class
Fixed arrays of simple/primitive datatypes in Swagger not handled
Fixed disabled ‘invalid connector’ warning keep appearing
Fixed right clicking on diagram palette not detected
Fixed wrong color for entities formed from conceptual entities in Model Explorer
Fixed blank icon generated for class member model elements
Fixed a problem of constraint in ERD
Suppressed unnecessary prompt when invoking diagram deleting
Supported creating requirement in specific type
Supported showing other views on elements in Diagram Navigator
Supported selecting Timing Diagram as interaction in Interaction Overview Diagram
Supported renaming projects in VP Online
Renamed “Product Backlog” in story map to “Reserved”
Not to show teamwork users as model elements in Project Browser
Not to show diagram legend in Project Browser

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Build 20180801

Fixed image added to cover page of document not output to PDF from Doc. Composer
Fixed incorrect database update script generated
Fixed an XMI import issue
Fixed problematic self and recursive message in sequence diagram
Fixed online BPD poorly imported to VP desktop
Fixed a VP Server installation issue related to the use of PostgreSQL
Fixed a Firebird DDL reversal issue
Supported outputting class member/ entity column’s reference in Project Publisher
Moved the collapse resource for mind map node to the left

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Build 20180901

Fixed a Firebird DDL reversal issue
Fixed a Visio BPD import issue
Fixed stereotype losing its color after transition of ERD
Fixed unable to visualize user stories in diagram
Fixed a C++ round-trip engineering issue
Supported collapse all in story map and sprint
Fixed transit logical to physical ERD affect column order

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