Visual Paradigm 15.0 ChangeLogs


Feb 27, 2018 - Visual Paradigm International Limited announced today the release of Visual Paradigm 15.0.

Visual Paradigm 15.0 introduces a number of new features, which includes:

  • Wireflow Diagram
  • Animating paths in Wireflow Diagram
  • STEPS - Efficient design and analysis with prescribed wizards
  • Visual API designer for Swagger-based RESTful API
  • Swagger-based RESTful API generation
  • Visual API designer for API-Blueprint formatted RESTful API
  • API-Blueprint formatted RESTful API generation
  • [VP Online] New diagram: ER Diagram
  • [VP Online] New diagram: Organization Chart
  • [VP Online] New diagram: Mind Map
  • [VP Online] New diagram: DFD
  • [VP Online] New diagram: Venn Diagram
  • [VP Online] New diagram: Floor Plan
  • [VP Online] Google Drive integration
  • [VP Online] Real-time synchronization of diagrams
  • [VP Online] Multilingual support
  • [VP Online] Visio drawing import
  • [VP Online] Multi-pages support

Enhancements to Visual Paradigm 15.0 includes:

  • Upgraded Hibernate version to 5.1
  • Improved stability in High DPI environments
  • Refined data forwarding mechanism for TOGAF ADM
  • Supported hiding interface caption in ArchiMate diagram
  • Supported importing styles for generate deliverables
  • Supported applying Shape Legend on connectors
  • Supported adding one shape to multiple layers
  • Supported sending shapes from Business Concept Diagram to backlog
  • Supported displaying parameter of entry/exit/do activity on State Machine Diagram
  • Supported entering several deliverable properties as variables
  • Introduced new user permission option to control who can upload Just-in-Time Work Items to repository
  • Improved Traditional Chinese support

My overview / impression of VP 15.0

Build 20180302

General fixes and enhancements
Fixed caption-less popup menu found in BMM guide-through process
Fixed an issue with AWS Diagram plug-in
Fixed performance issue in Project Browser caused by word-wrapped diagram name
Fixed description editor failed to show user story’s description
Fixed incorrect diagram modification checking
Fixed an ArchiMate Model Exchange File Format export issue
Fixed unable to create connector via gesture
Fixed unable to show HTML tagged values in shape
Fixed Visual Studio integration issue
Amended the content of VP Server account activation page
Improved the appearance of ArchiMate event upon resizing
Changed the alignment of extension point in use case shape
Supported generating deliverable to Document Repository manually
Supported exporting and importing BPMN via OpenAPI
Supported adding table columns in Data Table when in operation mode
Supported ending evaluation mode

Visual Paradigm Online
Fixed real-time diagram synchronization may not work in certain situation
Fixed diagram not automatically reopened after re-login
Fixed broken UI when using date picker around the window’s edge
Fixed unable to import web diagram into desktop due to multiple page support
Fixed wrong document icon of web diagram in Google Drive
Fixed an image exporting issue in VP Online
Improved VP Online Sign-up page
Rendered non-supported diagram types as disabled
Grouped web diagrams into categories
Changed web drawing tool to ask for saving device when saving diagram
Made the editing of connector caption easier

STEPS Wizard
Fixed unable to open sample from diagram when using STEPS Wizard
Fixed bad position of generated actor shape in STEPS Wizard
Supported importing Use Case 2.0 STEPS Wizard to new project
Added wizard links to What’s New page
Indicated the status of real-time diagram synchronization
Supported creating lines without source and target

ETL Table
Fixed ETL Table cell value rolled back after changing member name
Fixed user story created in ETL Table in wrong name
Changed not to list inactive members in ETL Table
Improved the performance of editing in ETL Table

REST API Designer
Fixed several data type issues when in Swagger API generation
Fixed REST API: POST parameter class not present in YAML definitions

Wireflow Diagram
Fixed Model Indicator being overwritten by wireflow scene’s component content
Fixed unable to undo adding scene to active path in wireflow diagram
Disallowed playing storyboard when there is no wireframe
Supported Wireflow diagram in Doc. Composer