Visual Paradigm 15.1 ChangeLogs

General fixes and enhancements
Fixed unable to visualize user stories in diagram
Fixed cropped text in wireflow animation pane
Fixed a Doc. Composer issue
Fixed CMMN exit action not attach to element border
Fixed column nullable ID for physical entity created by transition
Fixed unable to confirm the configuration of default tagged value definition
Fixed poor shape caption position
Fixed blurry burndown chart in report
Fixed redundant line breaks in generated reports
Supported visualizing view from model element in cell of ETL Table shape
Supported collapse all in story map and sprint
Made side panels docked by mouse click instead of hovering on it
Supported permission on user access to Tasifier

Code Engineering
Fixed an issue related to PHP 5.0 Instant Reverse
Fixed an issue related to C++ round-trip
Fixed PHP Instant Generator generating wrong @return

Visual Paradigm Online
Fixed a VP Online login issue
Fixed poor image quality for exported AWS architecture diagram
Fixed suddenly cancelled connector selection when dragging control point
Supported creating web diagrams from templates via the New Diagrams window

Scrum Process Canvas / Guide-Through
Indicated the readiness of input in Scrum Process Canvas
Fixed unable to open a hyperlink in Instruction of work item through clicking
Fixed alignment of diagram artifact button in Data Table
Disallowed adding same member twice as Scrum Master, Product Owner and Scrum Team Member
Supported accessing Input artifacts from Story Map and ETL Table

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General fixes and enhancements
Fixed missing ref by when adding ref form user story to attribute
Fixed entity color in project browser not follow data model
Fixed negative number in shown for sprint remaining day when the end date beyond the current date
Fixed an application hang issue
Fixed copying entity column from one entity to another doesn’t copy the column domain
Fixed stereotyped entity columns losing their color after merging entities
Fixed applying a design pattern duplicates parameter types
Moved Guide Tour button to under Help menu
Removed 30 char limit on oracle identifier name
Supported quick search on adding sub-diagram dialog

Scrum Process Canvas
Fixed unnecessary flashing on Scrum Process Canvas
Supported guide tour for Scrum Process Canvas

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Build 20181003

Fixed a VPository migration issue
Fixed a Python code reversal issue
Fixed a teamwork project deletion issue when project contains task
Fixed an import exporting issue (as PDF)
Fixed a project commit issue
Fixed shape caption fall out of shape
Fixed export expression seq flow to image missed half of the tail
Fixed burndown chart wrongly show tick in new sprint
Fixed unable to create flow line via diagram toolbar in flowchart
Revamped Start Page
Added missing AWS symbols
Enhanced error messages related to floating license
Improved the appearance of ball-and-socket joint
Supported opening Guide Tour from Scrum Process Canvas
Showed button for opening User Story Map when opening Project Browser
Supported quick search on adding sub-diagram window
Supported showing new REST Service Specification parameters on auxiliary views
Renamed Process Map Diagram to Process Overview Diagram
Not to fill-in title for charts in Customer Journey Map cells

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Build 20181102

Fixed layout issue of Start Page
Fixed a VP Online sign-up issue
Fixed exported Excel doesn’t include entity’s unique constraint
Fixed a rendering issue of user story status in ETL shape
Fixed unable to set default background color for ERD
Fixed VP Online Office integration fail to login with SAML
Fixed not automatically focus the Description pane when double click on a description cell in ETL Table
Fixed mis-placed BPD shape after committing project
Fixed transit to new model element not take care of nickname
Fixed an installation problem on Mac OS X
Fixed diagram created from example not place at root level
Fixed not applying dark color for wireframe created from wireframe scene in dark theme
Fixed a Visio stencil import issue
Fixed several issues related to baggage transformation
Automatically wrap BPMN Data Store shape caption
Automatically prompt "Associate to Table" window when finished creating ETL Table
Allowed user to roll back from non-desired result after collapsing ERD entity
Supported more AWS diagram symbols
Supported Sequence in DDL and database generation
Supported Table shape for VP Online
Increased the height for InfoArt component in Value Chain Analysis diagram