Visual Paradigm 15.1 integration into Netbeans 9 (Mac OS Mojave) does not work? any idea?


I would like to integrate VP into Netbeans 9 on Mac OS but it keeps failing. I followed the installation instructions carefully but at the end it says: java io.IO exception, checking file could not copy ( see print screen included). Please help me, thanks a lot!

You probably don’t have the Netbeans 9 icon in your launchpad right?
Try going to Applications and drag out Netbeans out of the 'netbeans" folder, into Applications.
After that you should try integrating it again.

Hi, Thanks a lot for helping me.Although, I did have the Netbeans 9 icon in my launchpad , I took your advice in draging the icon out of the netbeans folder into Applications. Than the integration worked in Netbeans (I can see right mouse click, open in VP or from tools start vp)but, when I wanted to start up a project in netbeans 9 from VP, netbeans blocked every time and does not respond anymore. see

, please do you have some more advice? thanks a lot

I have the same problem, but I’m not working with Mac Osx.
In Windows 10 after the update of Visual Paradigm, I can’t seem to open Netbeans annymore, it freezes during the start-up, unless I remove the integration of Visual Paradigm in VP itself, hen I can use Netbeans properly, but whitout VP.
So, I don’t think the problem is related to Mac Osx.

Dear all,

Sorry for the problem.

We just fixed a problem on our NetBeans Integration. That, some jars are missing in our NetBeans plugin.

In our testing, if starting NetBeans with Java 11 JDK specified, the missing jar will make FileNotFound exception and make NetBeans failed to start.

FYI, in my testing, Java 8 can start NetBeans; Java 11 cannot; and since Java 9 and 10 are end-of-supported, I cannot test them.

Please update the software to latest patch build (20181130am or later) to get the problem fixed. Details about update to latest patch can be found at

The patch

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Hi thanks a lot for your answer. I did the latest patch, Netbeans 9 works, the integration works from VP, VP tells me that the integration in Netbeans is successful. But when I go to Netbeans, nor in tools or nor right clicking on a project, I do not see VP in Netbeans (yet VP tells me it has been integrated). Would you be so kind to tell me what to do now?

thanks a lot