Visual Paradigm 16.1 ChangeLogs

Dec 2, 2019 - Visual Paradigm International Limited announced today the release of Visual Paradigm 16.1.

Visual Paradigm 16.1 introduces a number of new features, which includes:

Enhancements to Visual Paradigm 16.1 includes:

  • Implementation plan: UI for editing time units
  • Implementation plan: Change of bar styles
  • Implementation plan: Hiding numbers
  • Implementation plan: Removal of redundant space
  • Defining Viewpoint for non-ArchiMate diagram types
  • Use of user type (via stereotype) in defining viewpoint
  • Sub-diagrams management with ETL tables
  • VP Online Diagrams Home: Sorted diagram types
  • VP Online Diagrams Home: Diagram type filter
  • VP Online Diagrams Home: Recently created types
  • New networking symbols for VP Online Diagrams
  • VP Forms supported file upload component
  • Profile diagram is now a general diagram type
  • Just-in-Time Process: Text alignment of work item and column headers
  • Just-in-Time Process: Sizable work items
  • Just-in-Time Process: Colored work items
  • Just-in-Time Process: Configurable column width
  • Just-in-Time Process: Plain style column header in addition to the traditional chevron style
  • Just-in-Time Process: Cell padding
  • Just-in-Time Process: Cell background
  • Just-in-Time Process: Font weight support for lane headers
  • Just-in-Time Process: Font size for work items, column headers and lanes
  • Some Enterprise Edition features are made available in Professional Edition
  • Some Professional Edition features are made available in Standard Edition
  • VP Online Diagrams: Pareto chart - Display percentage for each column
  • VP Online Diagrams: Fit width of shapes in rack diagram
  • VP Online Diagrams: Fit height/width of stacks in column and bar chart

Build 20191231

Fixed font size issue in VP Forms interface
Fixed broken icon that appears after form submission
Fixed slow image exporting for Tabular
Fixed inconsistent coloring among ArchiMate device, facility and plateau
Fixed unable to open VP from Google Drive
Fixed incorrect closure of chart when pressing Enter in chart editor’s name field
Fixed cropped form header bar
Fixed broken palette tool symbol in Azure diagram
Fixed poor ordering of entity columns in document (Doc. Composer)
Fixed bad rendering of choreography task & sub-process if no participant assigned
Fixed MS SQL Server timestamp columns being shown as datetime in ERD
Updated popup menu caption for legend
Updated Start Page content
Supported configuring default style for text box in Doc. Composer
Supported icons for DoDAF, NAF and MODAF palette items
Supported Disney Creativity Strategy diagram (Online Diagram)
Supported AIDA Funnel (Online Diagram)

Build 20200101

Fixed legend always present in exported image/generated document
Fixed unable to change CJM lanes’ header font size
Fixed a performance issue related to the use of image in online diagram
Supported opening online diagrams in IDE environment
Supported deleting user story map from project
Supported showing link text in form collector as hyperlink
Supported setting background color for radar chart
Supported commenting features for online diagrams

Build 20200201

Fixed unable to select the Layer of an image to output to a report
Fixed export diagram to PDF did not include all pages
Fixed broken Diagram Info shape in the printout
Fixed unable to add child nodes in WBS diagram when in horizontal layout
Fixed unable to paste content with Ctrl-X in the data editor of chart
Fixed unable to set start/end date of PERT task in VP Online Diagram
Fixed a DS connector authorize the issue
Fixed project being modified right after saving
Fixed some issues related to undo and redo
Supported Toolkit for VP Online Diagrams

Build 20200231

Fixed several UI translation issues
Fixed unable to open Scrum Process Canvas in Visual Paradigm Viewer
Fixed a problem when trying to execute Reverse DDL from PostgreSQL DDL.sql file
Fixed Matrix diagram can’t recognize reference as shape for reference relation
Fixed an issue related to starting embedded server
Fixed a Visual Paradigm performance issue
Supported copying online diagram and paste to MS Word

Build 20200301

Fixed user who setup SAML authentication cannot login as admin
Fixed copy diagram to clipboard as EMF missing actor body
Fixed manage element’s stereotype in palette causing element being removed
Supported a number of new online diagrams
Supported support command line interface on export & import BPMN XML
Supported using sweeper and magnet on analysis canvas
Supported a new form field: Slider

Build 20200401

Fixed a team project revision retrieval issue
Fixed missing shapes in Add Shape screen (online diagrams)
Fixed Reset button in form wrongly disabled
Fixed no export button for Gantt Chart
Fixed cannot retrieve commit comment from Doc. Composer
Fixed unable to visualize port on part shape
Fixed unable to exit editing mode on note
Fixed unable to hide completed activities in Scrum Canvas
Supported deleting words added to the dictionary

Build 20200501

Fixed unable to export an online diagram as PDF
Fixed the Update SQL generated excludes entities from different databases
Fixed the way how N-aray is handled in XMI import/export
Fixed a DDL reversal issue
Fixed unable to show shape caption when using custom scale
Fixed several issues related to the use of legend in online diagrams
Fixed undo and redo may move the Part shape to another place
Improved the appearance of form by reducing its width and increasing its default font size a bit
Improved the position of shapes created from existing shape (Online Diagram)
Supported adding all types of diagrams to use case details
Supported unlimited series color for doughnut chart
Updated Polish translation

Build 20200601

Fixed shape caption being moved to top of the shape when containing child
Fixed bad connector angle upon expanding/collapsing of shape
Fixed connector always align to center of shape
Fixed application failed to start due to SVN configuration
Fixed malformed BPMN 2.0 file exported
Fixed bad navigation on server admin page
Fixed an error related to undo/redo
Fixed sequence diagram message argument not included in published result
Fixed an error on importing project XML
Fixed setting owner causing shape resize and corrupted diagram layout
Fixed unable to change the shortcut key for reorder columns in ERD
Supported configuring interval in Rose chart