Visual Paradigm 16.2 ChangeLogs

Build 20210116

  • Improved the layout of chart’s setting page
  • Fixed a problem related to saving to Google Drive
  • Supported editing splitArea for charts
  • Make the rotation anchor appear only when hover on a shape
  • Fixed unable to select text in infographic after creation
  • Fixed ‘Select in Tree’ behaved differently when being triggered by hotkey

Build 20210101

  • Fixed wrong location for rotated chart
  • Fixed IntelliJ Integration not starting Visual Paradigm
  • Supported boxplot chart
  • Fixed an issue related to problem commit
  • Supported multiple source paths for reversing Sequence Diagram via command line (i.e. “;” for Windows, “:” for Linux)
  • Keep the scroll position of page when re-activate
  • Fixed unable to embed web diagram with iFrame

Build 20201218

  • Fixed not showing Modeling menu in IntelliJ IDEA integration
  • Added 2021 public holiday information to server
  • Fixed not being asked for deleting master view
  • Fixed import mermaid doesn’t work
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts not working in Sequence Diagram Text Editor (Mac)
  • Fixed sync physical ERD to logical ERD generated unwanted entities
  • Added color themes to InfoARTs
  • Supported more sticky notes
  • Fixed an XMI import issue
  • Fixed unable to change color of region in map using popup

Build 20201201

  • Supported page navigator for InfoART diagrams
  • Improved InfoART blocks’ usability in general
  • Supported different thumbnail size for different diagram categories
  • Supported Background palette for InfoART
  • Supported drag-and-drop behavior for charts
  • Fixed bad Export PDF dialog size
  • Fixed hang when opening spec. dialog on Mac
  • Improved the search result when searching Artwork
  • Fixed a problem related to Doc. Base
  • Supported padding for region cell

Build 20201101

  • Fixed export Image presents outdated Story Map
  • Fixed a crash issue
  • Fixed a Java Instant Reverse issue

Build 20201010

  • Supported cropping shape
  • Fixed a Community Edition activation issue
  • Fixed Java file not generated in Java round-trip on andriod studio
  • Supported Frame shapes
  • Supported filter effects
  • Fixed Nullable FK col being created when generating physical model

Build 20200917

  • Supported tabbed layout for palette
  • Fixed Split function failed to split text pasted into User Story Conversation editor
  • Fixed Visual Paradigm error in import models form RSA
  • Fixed wrong parent when create new diagram
  • Fixed unable to create diagram form template which got multiple pages
  • Fixed an application crash issue
  • Fixed icon missing in exported image
  • Fixed a product activation issue

Build 20200901

  • Fixed unable to open Generate Swagger dialog
  • Improved the look of resize handlers
  • Fixed export Column Domains to Excel missed user type
  • Fixed Java reverse engineering parse errors
  • Fixed Eclipse Integration can’t use open JDK
  • Fixed a problem with Time(0) for SQL Server
  • Fixed font issue when export to PDF and printout

Build 20200801

  • Fixed a problem in C# instant code generator
  • Fixed being warned no permission to save diagram to server
  • Fixed DSConnector connected successfully to 389 Active Directory but can not view user
  • Fixed cannot save VP online exported diagram back to Teamwork Sever
  • Fixed problem in business rules with glossary terms from referenced projects
  • Fixed an activity fork node name visibility issue
  • Fixed diagram editor corrupted when delete things
  • Fixed generation of swagger fails
  • Fixed a project import issue
  • Fixed getter setter presentation options not refresh on diagram

Build 20210201

  • [VP Online] Fixed unable to select two groups of shapes effectively with mouse-click
  • [VP Online] Fixed unable to double click to select text in a spreadsheet editor cell
  • [VP Online] Fixed a shape being resized horizontally when dragging its corner
  • [VP Online] Fixed a problem related to shape alignment under a zoomed diagram
  • [VP Online] Supported font size for labels in a control chart
  • [VP Online] Supported Google Font for chart
  • Fixed failed to create Composition relationship via the Resource-Centric Interface
  • Fixed doesn’t have the same permission as other script files
  • Fixed the type of a newly created sequence message not follow the default choice
  • Supported exporting selected diagrams as XML, with Open API

Build 20210224

  • [VP Online] Fixed unable to replace the color of shape
  • [VP Online] Fixed DPDT shape not rendered in exported PNG
  • [VP Online] Fixed unable to add layout shape to existing layout compartment
  • [VP Online] Fixed chart not rendered when enabled Sketch
  • [VP Online] Applied a new color chooser for chart
  • [VP Online] Supported Marimekko Chart, Bar Mekko Chart and Variwide Chart
  • [VP Online] Supported Range Area Chart, Range Area Spline Chart and Range Area Step Chart
  • Fixed activation bar is detached from lifeline after commit
  • Fixed process map disappear in breadcrumb
  • Fixed Screen Capture does not work on Mac OS 10.15
  • Fixed a problem related to word wrap for images used by PostMania
  • Fixed unable to create heatmap with local embedded server
  • Supported visualizing containment relationship