Visual Paradigm 17.0 ChangeLogs


  • Fixed Standard Edition unable to edit legend and labels in Customer Journey Map issue.
  • Fix Doc. Composer retrieved wrong state from referenced wireframe.
  • Fixed Doc. Composer not fully show content in Styles table.
  • Fixed fail to reverse Open API/Swagger file issue.
  • Fixed fail to reverse expression from MySQL DDL file issue.
  • Fixed project not being listed after first time login to VP Online/Teamwork Server.
  • Fixed DS Connector unable to connect to latest version of VP Online/Teamwork Server.
  • Fixed association role moved unexpectedly after switching nickname issue.
  • Fixed unable to delete last view of model element issue.
  • Fixed generate incorrect analysis diagram between glossary and alias issue.
  • Fixed Use Case Details editor unable to search actors on Mac issue.
  • Enhanced speed on open Teamwork Client dialog.


  • Fixed cannot edit Customer Journey Map/Process Map’s legend or labels in Standard Edition problem.
  • Fixed Use Case Details editor on Mac cannot perform actor search problem.
  • Fixed association role caption moved when switch between nickname problem.
  • Fixed duplicate recursively generate inconsistent model problem.
  • Fixed duplicate recursively wrongly duplicate Activity Diagram Swimlane problem.
  • Fixed Analysis Diagram wrongly calculate analysis result due to similar glossary and alias naming.
  • Fixed Scrum Work Item not showing green tick even item being completed problem.
  • Fixed slow to open Teamwork Client dialog problem.
  • Fixed Teamwork Client fail to show sub-level folders problem.
  • Fixed Teamwork Server fail to delete user problem.
  • Fixed import project to repository missed out folder structure problem.
  • Fixed unable to show nested project folders in VP Online/Teamwork Server issue.
  • Fixed Doc. Composer missing heading styles issue.
  • Fixed Doc. Composer HasValueChecker fail to check on blank HTML content property.
  • Fixed VP fail to run when integrate with IntelliJ IDEA 2022.2.
  • Fixed Python Instant Generator wrongly handle double as complex type.
  • Fixed fail to reverse MySQL’s DDL due to expression problem.
  • Enhanced generation of comments from ERD to Snowflake DB.
  • Enhanced message on delete master view of RequestBody and ResponseBody elements.


  • Fixed software activation fail on Window 11 issue.