Visual Paradigm 17.1 ChangeLogs


  • Fixed problem on unable to duplicate Activity Diagram.
  • Fixed exception related remove member from repository project while member was in a group.
  • Fixed fail to open Tasifier after server upgrade from v17.0 issue.
  • Fixed fail to generate document form Doc. Composer issue.
  • Fixed Project Publisher command line script fail to publish project issue.
  • Fixed user fail to login to Teamwork Server/VP Online when configured with SAML via Microsoft Azure with X509 MultiFactor authentication method issue.


  • Fixed unable to edit Doc. Composer template issue.
  • Fixed Doc. Composer Fill-in Doc. loss configuration issue.
  • Fixed export Customer Journey Map to PDF/PNG generated blank content issue.
  • Fixed fail to create task tag in VP Online’s Tasifier issue.
  • Fixed fail to save project related to SysML Block Definition Diagram issue.
  • Fixed DS Connector fail to update according to its connecting Teamwork Server/VP Online issue.
  • Fixed Open Project dialog not show the trunk project even selected a branch issue.
  • Fixed connection timeout when reverse Azure DB issue.
  • Support Manager role on folder in Teamwork Server/VP Online.
  • Support default group for Teamwork Server/VP Online project & user.
  • Split Teamwork Server/VP Online single group management permission to create, update and delete permissions.
  • Update VP Server bundled Spring library to version 5.3.22.


  • Fixed no model connector on Component Diagram issue.
  • Fixed unable to add sub-diagram to auxiliary view shape issue.
  • Fixed unable to download template for online based diagram issue.
  • Fixed delete auxiliary view connector wrongly prompt master view dialog check issue.
  • Fixed unable to load VP Online diagram issue.
  • Fixed unable to reverse multiple operation call within a single Java statement into sequence diagram issue.
  • Fixed stack overflow error on reverse yaml issue.
  • Fixed Null Pointer Exception when generate swagger issue.
  • Fixed not generate all response in swagger code generation issue.
  • Support PHP8 named arguments in PHP Instant Reverse.
  • Support multiline string in Java round-trip code engineering.
  • Fixed cannot merge branch project into trunk issue.
  • Fixed conflict detail cannot show in conflict resolution dialog issue.
  • Fixed user cannot activate his account in Teamwork Server under SSL and SAML integration issue.
  • Fixed generate database for MS SQL Server wrongly quote default value for entity’s column default value issue.
  • Fixed generate database for MS SQL Server unable handle “replace” keyword in entity’s column default value issue.
  • Fixed reverse PostgreSQL unable to handle “with(…)” syntax on create table statement issue.
  • Fixed reverse PostgreSQL unable to handle COLLATE syntax on create index statement issue.
  • Fixed 404 error on published project content issue.
  • Fixed publish project to VPository returned wrong URL issue.
  • Fixed DPI setting not apply to export VP Online diagram to image issue.
  • Enhanced VP Server to support PostgreSQL 15.
  • Optimize performance of Teamwork Client dialog.
  • Enhance security for several static page in VP Server.
  • Enhanced database connection pool on DS Connector.
  • Enhanced DS Connector support using CN as login ID if email address not found on user’s entry.
  • Enhance default group for new member options support SSO integration.
  • Support model reference data in Excel data export & import.
  • Support create Just-in-time process before project being saved to repository.


  • Fixed repository consider project being published even publishing was fail issue.
  • Fixed internal server error after update VP Server issue.


  • Fixed setting interface to ball presentation via Plugin API causing caption show in bad position issue.
  • Fixed copy diagram wrongly linked diagram legend between the two diagrams issue.
  • Fixed fail to present requirement models with primitive shape issue.
  • Fixed import project XML generated no-name styles issue.
  • Fixed cannot edit no-name styles issue.
  • Fixed fail to save project due to model contain too many children model elements issue.
  • Fixed 404 Error when switching tabs in published project content issue.
  • Fixed publish project ignored “Generate referenced project diagrams” option issue.
  • Fixed publish project via command line prompt for specify reference project’s nickname issue.
  • Fixed reverse database to ERD generated extra columns on composite key relationship issue.
  • Fixed reverse SQL Server DDL handled varchar(max) into varchar(255) issue.
  • Fixed fail to show Database Configuration dialog issue.
  • Fixed fail to revers DDL caused by wrong definition in parser issue.
  • Fixed wrongly deploy Mac version’s embedded server when running VP on Window Server 2022 issue.
  • Added error code to “Your project doesn’t belong to the currently logged-in server” issue.


  • Fixed BPMN shape size increase when toggle on/off show tagged values issue.
  • Fixed parallel fork not work in BPMN simulation issue.
  • Fixed wrongly show add column menu for entity mirrored from reference project issue.
  • Fixed undo problem on setting border of wireframe widget issue.
  • Fixed no web service classes generate for JAX-RS (Jersey) for Swagger 2 issue.
  • Fixed Project Publisher prompt user for to login to Teamwork Server/VP Online when perform publishing via command line issue.
  • Fixed content generated by Project Publisher not follow Show stereotype icon for model element tree option.
  • Fixed export wireframe diagram as image using plugin in command line issue.
  • Fixed VP Server fail to perform backup via build-in backup script issue.
  • Added horizontal scrollbar for Conditions and Actions section in Decision table.
  • Added error code for Teamwork Client fail to login via Google login error.


  • Fixed horizontal scroll bar in Decision Table rules column issue.
  • Fixed fail to export diagram to image via plugin run from command line issue.
  • Fixed missing workspace parameter in Project Publisher command script issue.
  • Fixed issue about unable to remove user from Teamwork Server who used to configure SAML authorization.
  • Support output project’s teamwork revision as property in Doc. Composer.
  • Support PreferredElement.FullName in Doc. Composer.


  • Fixed reverse SQL Server ddl wrongly handle varchar(max) as varchar(255) issue.
  • Fixed reference model in Grid Diagram not show in fully qualified name issue.
  • Fixed Matrix Diagram fail to show relationship under collapsed directory structure issue.
  • Fixed fail to retrieve composite element’s teamwork change details via Doc. Composer.
  • Fixed export document to PDF generate duplicated first row for multi-page table issue.
  • Fixed publish both trunk and branch projects to repository triggered 500 error on repository edit project page issue.
  • Fixed fail to upload plugin to repository issue.
  • Fixed team repository connection picked up wrong proxy setting issue.
  • Support collapse/expend all in Matrix diagram.


  • Fixed VP Desktop application slow start up issue.
  • Changed VP Server service startup using Local System Account.


  • Fixed VP Server system service won’t auto start right after service being setup issue.
  • Fixed fail to import work item to Just-in-time process issue.
  • Fixed Chart Diagram wrongly render BPMN pools and lanes issue.
  • Fixed links in HTML description fail to render in exported MS Word document issue.
  • Fixed page view setting causing bad performance in web diagram issue.
  • Fixed caption for FactType misplaced after commit issue.
  • Fixed fail to reverse Oracle’s DDL into ERD problem.
  • Fixed Tasifier Inbox unable to show message issue.
  • Support auto reset FactType caption position.
  • Support custom search attribute in Active Directory integration.
  • Support retrieve elements tagged value changes between teamwork work revisions via Doc. Composer.
  • Support import STEPS Wizard via URL.
  • Changed VP Server system service start from Local System account.
  • Changed Use Case Requirement Specification become one of the default available template in Doc. Composer.


  • Fixed fail to commit project to repository issue.