Visual Paradigm 17.1 ChangeLogs


  • Fixed problem on unable to duplicate Activity Diagram.
  • Fixed exception related remove member from repository project while member was in a group.
  • Fixed fail to open Tasifier after server upgrade from v17.0 issue.
  • Fixed fail to generate document form Doc. Composer issue.
  • Fixed Project Publisher command line script fail to publish project issue.
  • Fixed user fail to login to Teamwork Server/VP Online when configured with SAML via Microsoft Azure with X509 MultiFactor authentication method issue.


  • Fixed unable to edit Doc. Composer template issue.
  • Fixed Doc. Composer Fill-in Doc. loss configuration issue.
  • Fixed export Customer Journey Map to PDF/PNG generated blank content issue.
  • Fixed fail to create task tag in VP Online’s Tasifier issue.
  • Fixed fail to save project related to SysML Block Definition Diagram issue.
  • Fixed DS Connector fail to update according to its connecting Teamwork Server/VP Online issue.
  • Fixed Open Project dialog not show the trunk project even selected a branch issue.
  • Fixed connection timeout when reverse Azure DB issue.
  • Support Manager role on folder in Teamwork Server/VP Online.
  • Support default group for Teamwork Server/VP Online project & user.
  • Split Teamwork Server/VP Online single group management permission to create, update and delete permissions.
  • Update VP Server bundled Spring library to version 5.3.22.