Visual Paradigm ability to MODEL ERD diagrams online

We have the need to collaborate and create ERD models. The VP application you can download allows you to do that, but we prefer to use a SaaS app. The “On-line VP” application allows you to collaborate with ERD DIAGRAMS, but these don’t appear to be MODELS. The VP application (different to the On-line VP product?) seems to have collaboration and a subscription model and hence we assume a SaaS edition? Subscribe Visual Paradigm: BEST UML, BPMN, PMBOK tools!. We’re confused

Actually VP Online is playing two different roles subject to user’s need. If user who only need a casual drawing tool then VP Online is handy tool for them. For desktop user they can use VP Online as the cloud project repository (team collaboration & version control) with 1GB free space (extra storage available in subscription base).

Since VP Online is only a web base “drawing tool”, it don’t have the real modeling capabilities. As you understand out desktop version is a real modeling tool. For your case you will need to use our desktop version instead.

The article below explains how to setup VP Online cloud repository for our desktop tool users. This should gives you idea about how it works.

For the desktop tool our subscription license is a kind of rental license, i.e. you pay per month or in specific bill cycle to use the software for specific period. The license mode itself is SaaS, just you still need to install the desktop client to perform the modeling work.

Feel free to contact me for any questions :slight_smile: