Visual paradigm difficulties for modeling data warehouses

Good afternoon, please someone who uses or has used the Visual Paradigm tool for the modeling of data warehouses, that can tell me if this tool has any difficulty at the time of modeling them for an investigation that I am doing. Thank you.

Ive not tried myself because often warehouse modelling requires new concept beyond normal erd or class diagram where for example you need to represent the mapping of semantics between different data sets. Its probably helpful to ask about some specific use cases as data warehousing is such a big topic.

Eg if you wanted to be able to generate things that loaded and transformed the data this is difficult even for dedicated DM tools (such as embarcadero). But if you wanted so model just represent the actual structure of data at rest then that a class diagram perhaps orm’d to an erd model. If you want to model transform flows then I have used to do this by showing data objects being transported across a process flow (can be a system process and service activities) - but are usually designed and executed by the tolling performing the work. Just ideas. Some specific questions though as mentioned would help.