Visual Paradigm does not update changes in attribute data type when connecting to database


We often use a direct connection between Visual Paradigm and a Postgres database in the cloud,

Which usually works great with updating the database from changes in Visual Paradigm.

Yesterday we discovered something unexpected: Visual Paradigm doesn’t seem to be able to update attributes where data type was changed in Visual Paradigm. It seems weird that Visual Paradigm cannot detect such changes. Is this a bug?

I have a Visual Paradigm (Version 16.1, Build 20200108) standard license,

And am connected to a PostgreSQL database in the cloud (AWS).



Hi quetsja,

Can you describe what changes you made in Visual Paradigm? We tested change data type can update to Postgres.

Hi Kit.So,

as said we changed the data type of several fields in Visual Paradigm,
and when updating the database it didn’t change these data types.

Also the Generate DDL file was empty. Only when new columns or tables are added or deleted database updates were performed.

What do you exactly suggest to test and/or to show a print screen of?


Hi quetsja,

Can you provide an example? Change from/to which data type can reproduce the problem?