Visual Paradigm for UML Very Low Performance


I use Visual Paradigm for UML 6.1 SP1 professional edition on my project.
In my project i have 18 Use case diagrams and 16 Class Diagrams and 10 ERP Diagrams. Size of my Project file is 2,6 MB. I have Windows Vista 64 and 4GB Ram.
When i open project Visual paradigm is very slow. Saving of project takes about 1 minute, switching diagram tabs is very very slow (20-30 s),…
Memory usage is on start about 250 MB, during work about 600 MB.
I try open project on windows XP and situation is the same.
Where is the problem? Is performance of Visual paradigm so small?

Hello hou75,

The scale of project you mention is not particular big. Would you mind send me your project file to have a look? You can send me the project to Thanks in advance!

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Same problem , when save as, new project, close windows very injury time to wait , installed on windows 11 , ce version

Hi irwanag,

Thank you for your inquiry. Could you submit a support ticket to our team along with your log file and a description of your steps? This enables our engineers to identify the cause of problem and to provide a solution. You can submit a ticket here:

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Jick Yeung