Visual Paradigm gives message that one drive can damage files

And something has. I lost a good deal of work. I returned to the PC from Mac and one of the things I liked about the mac was the icloud sync. it was seemless. So I figured onedrive would be the same. Not so. Then Visual Paradigm comes up with this “are you sure you want to save to onedrive” because “onedrive operations may damage the files”. Can someone direct me to a document that tells me why that is and how it is. Is onedrive just another “who cares about your data” microsoft product, of which there are a few? In which case should i figure out how to get it off my system

Hi billpennock,

Thank you for your post. I would like to discuss your case with our engineers. Could you attach a screenshot that shows the message you said for me as a reference? By the way, we support our own versioning system. You can sign-up a “VP Online” workspace and have your projects saved and managed there. I suggest you give it a try. The articles below give you more information.

Signing up Visual Paradigm Online from Visual Paradigm (Desktop)

Creating a project in the repository

Committing changes to the repository

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Jick Yeung

I also had this message when using OneDrive to store projects. I found the mention of corruption odd, since this is the only product I have come across that is concerned about corruption when using OneDrive. I use OneDrive for Business because the files are available whether or not I am connected to the Internet, it also keeps a history of versions. I looked at the Visual Paradigm Online documentation and it appeared to require an Internet connection in order to work on a project, which is no good when I am on the move without connectivity. This leaves me a couple of questions.

  1. How does using OneDrive cause corruption?
  2. Can Visual Paradigm Online match the ability of OneDrive to work offline and sync when reconnected?

I ask in the context of a single user working on a project, rather than multiple users.

Regards, David

Hi David,

Thank you for your inquiry. First of all, not all of our features require Internet connectivity. Here are some features that require Internet connectivity to function:

  • Online diagrams
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Just-in-Time process map
  • Quality Control maps

If you are working on modeling, you can work without connecting to the Internet.

We feel sorry about the corruption issue you experienced. Could you provide me with some screenshots to illustrate the problem? You can upload it here:
Password: gf9akjfew0adab

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Jick Yeung