Visual Paradigm in distributed environment

Hi All,

Can we use Visual Paradigm in distributed environment.
As we have 10 member in team and we want to keep all work synchronized in order to keep every one on same page.

How I’m approaching here:
Single project:
10 different module to 10 different Team member. And at the same time Project Manager/Lead can see on going development on his desktop.


Hi Prabhash,

Thank you for your message. Our products are able to collaborate with version control systems for tracing changes. Our products are integrated with SVN, CVS and Perforce, we also have our own product for version control - “Visual Paradigm Teamwork Server”. If you are using SVN, CVS or Perforce, you can simply use the existing repository to store your VP projects.

The version control systems are used for versioning projects so that you can keep track on the changes of your projects, also branching, tagging and merging projects are available. It will detect conflicts automatically when committing or merging project. You can get more details of collaborating with VP Teamwork Server, SVN, CVS and Perforce at the following links.

If there is anything I can help, please feel free to contact em.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong