Visual Paradigm Online Component Diagram missing provided interface

In Visual Paradigm Online using component diagrams, how can I add a connection between a component and an interface as a provided interface? When I add a new interface and click on the arrows, it shows only the followings:


I remember that I could draw that a year ago. Where is that option now?

Hi András,

In VP, a provided interface is implemented by an interface realized by a component, so to draw a provided interface, you create a Realization (the 5th button in the Component palette, that resides in the same group as Generalization), and drag it from the interface to the component.

There is also an item in the resource catalog that allows creating a provided interface, but it has bug that it keeps showing a Realization in its “ordinary” appearance, so please don’t use it first. We will fix this issue soon.


Best Regards,