Visual paradigm online diagram save to Google Drive error, the reason is the drive.js 404

Request URL:
Request Method: GET
Status Code: 404

Hi Xin Meng,

The problem is fixed and will be available later, but it can be ignored and shouldn’t cause any problem.
If this is the only error you seen, please check your google drive and you should found your diagram saved.
Otherwise, have you got other error message?

Now I got a new error:

BTW, is there any method to open the diagram in the I try to save as device and open in the but get error

Hi Xin Meng,

Could you please check this google page:
Can you see Visual Paradigm Online in the list of Third-party apps with account access?
Is it same as below?

As a workaround, please try to logout your google account and try again.

Hi Xin Meng,

The diagram can only open in Visual Paradigm.