Visual Paradigm online - Licence - Watermark


I am currently trialling Visual Paradigm. So far it looks really good.

My main requirements are:

  • Primarily making Archimate and UML diagrams
  • Ability to export HiRes pictures
  • Ability to export without watermarks

I am trialling the Combo package. When I export diagrams as PNG they still contain watermark. Is that just because I am on the trial run? (totally fair if is - just unclear). Also, the PNG export doesn’t look particular hires to me. Again, is that due just to being trial version?

Also, the pricing page states that you can export HiRes PNG. Is that with or without watermark? The statement “Image removal with watermark removed” confuses me a bit in the “Advance” license level. What does that mean?

The trial version (even Combo Edition) must include watermarks in exported images. Only paid subscription support export diagram into watermarks free images. About image quality please reference to the video below about how to export your diagrams into HiRes images.