Visual Paradigm product line

These products are very reasonably priced.

  • Do they really compare well to Visual UML or other UML products?
  • Are they stable, fully featured, etc.?
  • How’s the online help?
  • How’s the tech support?
  • Is there phone support available?
  • Visual UML only has email support and its much more expensive. I can’t believe the pricing here. Is it as good as it seems or are there gotchas?


hi steve,

I have answered your questions in your latest post. (Thanks for posting message here, but please do not post the same message more than once.)

I am not a beginner programmer but a beginner VB.Net programmer. When would it be appropriate to get into UML? Also, what is the right sequence for learning VB? Is studying OOA/D/P early right or should I study ADO.NET, ASP.NET before OOA/D/P, then UML, then ADO.NET, ASP.NET?




Funny enough UML is always related to developers. This is not always the case.

I would suggest you get up to speed with UML, it will give you a feeling on how to convert a business problem into a software solution (if that is what you want) Most code cutters will have to retrain their brain when starting on UML and OO so i guess starting with UML and OO is a good way of approaching it.

But the end of the day it depends on the person, why not learn how th build classes in UML and use the code output to learn VB.Net?