Visual Paradigm Suite 1.1 Change Log

Build no: 20050422x

  • Fixed change the Entry, Exit, Do Activity of State (UML 2.0) do not refresh in diagram problem after reopened project.
  • Fixed paint problem of note when the diagram zoomed to less than 100%.
  • Fixed synchronize Communication Diagram to Sequence Diagram problem when there is no messages in the Sequence Diagram.
  • Fixed if renamed the model of a stereotype element, the other model that used this stereotype will not refresh in diagram automatically, and will display the wrong text (stereotype name without “<< >>”).

Build no: 20050422w

  • Fixed column type wrongly displayed in the specification dialog of the entity.

Build no: 20050422v

  • Fixed save problem on Binding Dependency.
  • Fixed parsing comment problem on CORBA IDL Instant Reverse.
  • Fixed fit size problem on export diagram as images.
  • Fixed copy selection as image text of shapes may not fully visible when in fit-size problem.
  • Fixed use case initial size bigger than default size.
  • Fixed cannot use resource to connect existing output pin and input pin.
  • Fixed problem on opening project version newer than the application.
  • Fixed problem on creating shapes not fall into ActivityPartition if created using resource to the swimlane.
  • Fixed swimlane contained element does not remove from partition model even being dragged out of the swimlane.
  • Fixed startup problem of SDE for JBuilder on Mac OS X.

Build no: 20050422u

  • Fixed missing object flow when importing rose project.
  • Fixed compatibility issue on importing UML 1.x rose project.
  • Fixed problem when delete combined fragment from diagram tree.
  • Fixed load of old version sequence/collaboration diagrams does not put model into root frame problem.
  • Fixed shifting columns in entity from specification dialog update the diagram directly without user’s confirmation problem.
  • Fixed delete class member or entity column using popup menu in diagram not work when confirm delete shape option is not enabled.
  • Fixed a bug in Report Writer that, content created from Basic Information template get converted into content in Basic Information of other model type.
  • Fixed application blocked when opening invalid project.
  • Fixed single-click lifeline resource no actor in selection list problem.

Build no: 20050422t

  • Fixed reopen older version project multiplicity shapes displaced problem.
  • Fixed typing mistake affecting model synchronization between class diagram and ERD with datatype “double”.
  • Fixed copy and paste problem on M:N relationship in ERD.

Build no: 20050422r

  • Fixed installation problem of Report Writer.
  • Fixed the automatic conversion from timestamp to datetime during reversing database.
  • Fixed single-click lifeline resource to connect to new lifeline does not create lifeline header (handle) problem.
  • Fixed delete problem on sequence diagram when lifelines are deleted before the attached combined fragments.
  • Fixed delete problem on interaction operands.
  • Fixed auto update sequence number problem on deleteing sequence message.
  • Added support to NetBeans 4.1

Build no: 20050422q

  • Fixed SDE popup menu problem on Eclipse 3.1.
  • Fixed some presentation option problems on call message in communication diagram.
  • Fixed line property error when copy and paste of model element.
  • Fixed ORM code generation problem when association contains duplicated role name.
  • Support customized parameter order for the ORM Qualifiers.

Build no: 20050422p

  • Fixed Visio shape problem on SDE for IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Fixed ORM session problem. Now saving object without transaction will not close the session.
  • Fixed some minor pop-up menu problem in class diagram.
  • Fixed rendering problem on class stereotype presentation option (robustness analysis).
  • Fixed rich text editor remains a bullet point when switch from a diagram that has bullet point in documentation.

Build no: 20050422n

  • Fixed template parameter not in front of class when reopen project and copy to clipboard as image.
  • Fixed shape ordering problem when forming diagram.
  • Support Informix in ORM.
  • Support more model types by Report Writer, including Attribute, Operation, Lifeline, Interaction Occurrence,
    Alternative Combined Fragment and Communication Diagram.

Build no: 20050422m

  • Fixed create non-existing columns for reverse Oracle database.
  • Fixed progress bar hang at 100% when open project by double-click at the file system.
  • Fixed VP-UML IDE Integration problem on NetBeans 4.1ea2
  • Fixed some zooming problem on Sequence Diagram
  • Fixed attribute/operation sorting problem
  • Support UML 2.0 sequence diagram in ah hoc report generation.
  • Enhanced containment behavior of Combined Fragments