Visual Paradigm Suite 2.0 Change Log

Build no: 20051020

  • Fixed Importing Rose Project (Model Only) throws exception.
  • Fixed duplicated tagged values in stereotype when committing project to teamwork server.

Build no: 20051020

  • Fixed Instant Reverse Java Class invalid characters crash project when save problem
  • Fixed database connection with JTurbo driver problem.
  • Fixed cannot multiple select and move shapes in sequence diagram.
  • Fixed delete frame or interaction occurrence not delete associated gates problem.

Build no: 20050624z

  • Fixed C++ Instant Reverse not support nested class problem.
  • Fixed SDE-VS create delegate from model failed to synchronize to code problem (C#).
  • Fixed copy and paste across projects may cause duplicated models problem.
  • Fixed SDE-NB diagram tab won’t refresh after renamed problem.
  • Fixed SDE-VS VB.NET namespace with different case treated as different namespace problem.
  • Fixed Report Writer didn’t support documentating child state problem.
  • Fixed diagram overview shape presentation option not handled in project merge and teamwork problem.
  • Fixed cannot remove associated diagram of diagram overview shape problem.

Build no: 20050624y

  • Enhanced datatype conversion in Class Diagram/ERD synchronization. Now compatible datatypes will in ERD/Class model will not be updated.
  • Fixed gradient of genericshape on Mac problem.
  • Fixed event of state not being imported from XMI problem.
  • Fixed add files to model in open specification not saved problem.
  • Fixed default look & feels problem on Solaris.
  • Fixed remove operand in manage operands dialog caused exception.

Build no: 20050624w

  • Enhanced synchronization between Class Diagram and ERD.
  • Support showing warning dialog when creating index with incorrect type mapping in ERD.
  • Fixed smart resource of DecisionNode does not expand on mouse over problem.
  • Fixed create combined fragment using diagram toolbar will have incorrect initial location problem.
  • Fixed add existing diagrams as sub-diagrams using popup menu not work problem.
  • Fixed incorrect class presentation options when loading project from prior versions problem.
  • Fixed generate persistence code from database create empty class diagram problem in SDE for IntelliJ IDEA.

Build no: 20050624v

  • Fixed JDBC Instant Reverse problem.
  • Fixed send sequence diagram shapes to an existing sequence diagram activations moved to top problem.
  • Fixed calculation of new shape location when single-click on resource may cause program hangs problem.

Build no: 20050624u

  • Support Force Update Model from source code.
  • Fixed Instant Reverse create duplicated operations when reverse from same source problem.
  • Fixed Combo box Look and Feel problem.
  • Fixed focus problem when importing license in Mac OS X.
  • Fixed License Key Manager filter out .vpl extension problem.
  • Fixed installation problem in VP-UML IntelliJ IDEA integration.
  • Fixed several minor problems in Use Case Details Editor.

Build no: 20050624t

  • Support Force Update Model from Code.
  • Fixed SDE-VS 2003 VB update property setter parameter type bug.
  • Fixed diagram overview shape shows black background problem.
  • Fixed set shape to transparent using popup menu caused exception.
  • Fixed index column of foreign key connector not moved to new “to” table if “to” table is changed.
  • Fixed showing nullable in ERD report and documentations of messages in Sequence diagram report (HTML/PDF)
  • Fixed CRC Card’s font problem in Mac & Linux

Build no: 20050624s

  • Fixed copy swimlane (UML 2.0) and paste not share model caused exceptions.
  • Fixed reverse db bug when user name is different from schema name.
  • Fixed add “Any Receive Event” in State open specification dialog failed problem.
  • Fixed open add existing diagrams dialog from sub-diagram popup menu does not filter diagrams from allowed sub-diagram types.

Build no: 20050624r

  • Support reverse unique constraint from DB.
  • Fixed wrong calculation of parent when move package inside class diagram with default package.
  • Fixed use case details diagram preview ugly problem.
  • Fixed export diagram as image lost gradient color problem.
  • Fixed gradient paint pattern does not follow zoom ratio problem.
  • Fixed change from/to table of foreign key connector involving partial table caused problem.
  • Fixed SDE-NB on NetBeans JSP project missing code completion problem.

Build no: 20050624q

  • Fixed Exception when generating ORM code with persistable class extends normal class.
  • Fixed cannot connect object flow from output pin to expansion node.
  • Fixed DB table with multiple FK reference to the same table, reversed only 1 FK.
  • Fixed synchronize ERD to class diagram, entity with multiple FK reference to the same entity will generated multiple associations with the same name.
  • Fixed export diagram as EMF cannot overwrite existing file.

Build no: 20050624p

  • Fixed exported project z-order of shapes wrong problem.
  • Fixed shapes do not fit size after layout even when diagram is set to auto fit shapes size.
  • Fixed tagged values do not refresh after added/removed tagged value definitions of the related stereotype.
  • Fixed copy use case with model will share the same use case details problem.
  • Fixed use case details editor does not refresh when the use case model is changed externally.
  • Fixed problem of getting project source path in EJB module project of SDE-NB.

Build no: 20050624n

  • Fixed when re-associate overview diagram shape, old diagram being renamed as new diagram name problem.
  • Fixed component object name does not refresh in diagram after assigned base classifier.
  • Fixed drag and drop of models in tree does not fire project modified.
  • Fixed recent project list wrong items listed problem.
  • Fixed ask recover project dialog behind splash screen in Linux.
  • Fixed multiplicity bounds not handled in teamwork server and project export.
  • ORM generate POJO changed visibility of ID getter to public
  • Fixed jump to related model in open specification dialog wrong navigation behavior.
  • Fixed calculate backup project file name bug.

Build no: 20050624k

  • Fixed some default options set do not get applied to the diagram.
  • Fixed export diagram as images problem on SDE-VS.
  • Fixed generate invalid servlet filter class name if project name contains space.
  • Improved error handling on create database.
  • Fixed option dialog allows user to select different Look & Feels problem on SDE.

Build no: 20050624g

  • Fixed class size change on diagram deactivation when the diagram is set to auto fit shapes size and in zoomed out state.
  • Fixed problem caused by several problem fonts.
  • Fixed spelling mistakes in tooltips of resources.

Build no: 20050624f

  • Added support to IntelliJ IDEA 5.0
  • Support copy diagram elements into system clipboard as EMF (Windows platform).
  • Support diagram based auto fit size for all shapes.
  • Support reverse SQL Server uniqueidentifier primary key. It will use new “guid” as id generator and map to Java String type.
  • Fixed Report Writer generate Use Case Description items in wrong order problem.
  • Fixed Report Writer doesn’t generate the correct flow of events item name.
  • Fixed drag-and-drop of actor and life line from a sequence diagram (in Diagram Navigator) to another sequence diagram no shape created problem.
  • Fixed parent-child relationships between package-class or class-class defined using containment connector will lost after reopening the project.
  • Fixed export timing diagram as image timing frame painting problem.
  • Fixed copy to clipboard as image of sequence diagram will cause activations to be painted below life lines problem.
  • Fixed ORM Pane Database view cannot handle table name with space.

Build no: 20050624e

  • Import Rose support associate state diagram, activity diagram as package’s sub-diagram.
  • Added POJO option to ORM code generation.
  • Fixed export of project lose rich-text format of documentation.
  • Fixed some minor diagramming related problems.