Visual Studio 2005 with Paradigm

I wonder if it is possible to use paradigm with Visual Studio .NET 2005 with a patch or something, would be really usefull, as many people are using 2005 to try new functions.

When i try to start the Paradigm VS.NET IDE i’m getting the following error:
Command “Tools.StartSDEVS” is not valid.
I saw the same error in this forum with VS.NET 2003, so maby we can use the solution for that problem with VS.2005

We are sorry that SDE-VS currently only work on VS.NET 2003. We are going to support the 2005 in the near future. Thanks for your message.

Are there any estimates concerning the availability of VS2005 compatible versions of Visual Paradigm. I am working with a client and am encouraging them to use your product on a project we are beginning analysis and design on and it would help to know “ball park” dates.


It will be available very very soon.

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[quote=Rain]It will be available very very soon.

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How soon y very soon?
It’s been two long months since that message and dunno about any release yet…

The SDE-VS 2005 is in the final testing stage and the early access version will be available within 2 weeks. I’ll let you know once it was ready. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

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Hi all,

I would like to inform you that the new version of SDE for Visual Studio has been released which support VS.NET 2005. For more information on the new features of SDE, please visit:

You can download the latest build of the VP Suite 2.2 installer and request the new key from our website at

Please feel free to let me know if there are any questions.

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I tried the SDE for VS 2005 .NET, but I still have several, critical problems:

  • When I start SDE-VS directly from the shortcut VS hangs at start up. Starting SDE from within VS works, but takes a mighty long time…
  • Entering a name (naming diagram elements, renaming classes, …) makes VS crash.

Hope you can get a decent version out soon, 'cause it’s a great program!

I installed Vp Suite 2.2 with hope to resove problems in Beta… But they still remained - the VS freezes after some manipulations with VP diagrams…
Uninstall again.

Wow, it integrates with Visual Studio 2005 amazingly! now I have to learn all the hooks and features

I have uninstalled VS 2005.

Uninstalled SDE completely.

Reinstalled 2005.

Reinstalled SDE. Selected to integrate with VS 2005.

Installs without error, but

when I execute SDE 3.2 for Visual Studio Enterprise Edition,

I get Command “Tools.StartSDEVS” is not valid.


Answering my own Q - SDE does not work with the express version of 2005.

Les. :oops: