"visualparadigm" folder


I’m using linux version of VP and it save all settings in visualparadigm folder in user home. How to change default location of visualparadigm?

Hello Chewire,

I’m sorry that the location of that folder cannot be change, may I know why you would like to change this?

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Rain Wong

Because of all user settings are stored in ~/.config folder. It’s comfortable for me:)

Hi Chewire,

Even if it doesn’t get rid of the visualparadigm folder in the home directory, you can at least create a symlink from the .config directory:

$ cd ~/.config
$ ln -s ../visualparadigm .

so you have the visualparadigm folder accessible from there.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Stefan for answering!

I was actually having the same question. I would actually consider this a bug. It’s plain silly! There is not a single software package around that does this (on Linux/MacOs systems at least) I expect this directory either to be a .visualparadigm directory, or otherwise some path I can set from the GUI. Just think about the mess one would get in ones home directory if all software packages would handle things this way! I can hardly imagine it is that hard to make this some setting in the Preferences Pane

Hi jvbethlehem,

I will discuss your suggestion with our teammates.

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Jick Yeung

The “default” location in OS X would be in ~/Library/Application Support/Visual Paradigm/ - this is the location where files that the Application uses, but aren’t normally accessed by the user directly.

Please, rename the default folder from visualparadigm to .visualparadigm . This is common sense in *nix environments.

Temporally, I am launching the application using the script:

  • rename .visualparadigm to visualparadigm
  • launch app
  • rename back visualparadigm to .visualparadigm

This can be a temporal solution for other users with this problem.

It is really annoying finding an application in 2013 who stills writing configuration in visible plain folders in the user dir. Please add the DOT to the current configuration PATH.

I agree, this is extremely annoying (to the point of being a bit laughable). Its 2013, this shouldn’t be an issue.

This will be changed in the coming release (in May), which will follow to the convention of the OS. Please stay tune to our website for the product release news :slight_smile:

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Rain Wong

I wonder how this situation this new version if it will even out and if this really fixed this problem. I want to purchase this software, but will only do so after this correction.

The new version is available and the folder is still created in the same place. Where is the patch that was promised?

Actually the development on this is already completed, but by the time release 10.2 we found that the development is not stable enough. Therefore we decided to pull this put in the 10.2 release. We are very sure that it will available in our coming release. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this problem caused you.

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Rain Wong

I think in the same way.

Sorry for our late response. We have enhanced to store in “right” folder in coming release



~/Library/Application Support/VisualParadigm


I hope that can solve your problem. Have a good day.

And when will this release?

Will be December of this year.


I would like to let you know the version 11.0 had been released. In this release the VisualParadigm folder will be moved to the location where Angus specified.

For existing customer with valid maintenance you can then upgrade your software to v11.0 with no extra cost. If you are not sure about your maintenance status then please contact sales-team@visual-paradigm.com and let us help you out.

For Community Edition user, or trying our software, you can simply run the Update program to bring the software to latest version.

When running version 11, old settings under user home will automatically being copy to the proper location. Once you confirm everything is fine you can then remove them from user home folder.

More about the new features and enhancements of the version 11 can be found at http://www.visual-paradigm.com/product/vpuml/features/

Feel free to contact me for any questions and wish you have a good day!

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Rain Wong