VP 6.0 CE expired

Hello all,
I have installed the VP6.0 CE two Month ago und Full Enterprise Edition License for one month, and now it is expired. Now VP6.0 CE requires license key from me and i can not get the VP6.0 CE anymore (VP6.1 now), the question ist, do VP6.0CE really need a License key that expired monthly?( i think it is free at all). What can i do now? Uninstall and get the new Version (Uninstall is really what i don’t wanna to do). Can anybody help me and thanks.


Hi user,

The Community Edition is absolutely free for non commercial use. Yet, you still need to run it with a key. The suitable key is the evaluation key that was sent to you when you download VP Suite from our download page.

Since version 6.1 has been released, I suggest you try with it. You can download from our download page at:

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