VP and SVN: newbie stupidity

Just started this week with VP for UML. We use SVN as collaboration tool to have a central repository and version/conflict management.

I just started playing around to learn VP and especially collaboration (conflict managment etc.), so create (and try to delete) some small projects.

What I did (in stead of reading the manual): I had to delete one of the projects and did not know immediately how to do from within VP, so I deleted it from the repository using an SVN-client (TortoiseSVN).

Indeed: in the SVN-repo it no longer exists, but starting Teamwork Client in VP still shows the deleted project with all is properties (file path etc.) empty.

Question is: how to get rid of it and update VP as well?

NB: I have no direct access (even not read) to the vp-and SVN server (one server), only access via SVN and VP. So in case files have to be updated/deleted I have to ask the server sysadmin and have to be very specific on filenames and paths.

Needless to say that I will never do this again!!!

Hi Hans Troost,

Thanks for your post. When you want to delete the project file from SVN, please first remove the project from list of projects in VP client by clicking “Manage Project” in Teamwork Client dialog (see attached image).
After that, you can remove it from SVN client (you may need to talk to your server sysadmin to do so).

Please be reminded that when you want to import another project to SVN to work in VP-UML, you need to import the project via the Teamwork Client dialog. For details, please visit:

Best regards,
Lilian Wong