VP_CE_16.2 start crash

I constantly experience this issue too, but only when running VP from a sh script in debug mode. The weird part is that the crash happens occasionally, so it is really hard for me to understand what is going on between the JDK and VP. I suspect, from what I was able to research, that the AcquaLookAndFeel theme causes problems on Mac. It seems that AquaLookAndFeel can only be used by trusted apps on Mac and it is possible that running VP in the way I do bypasses the trust check.

But take my comment as you wish, I am far from certain about what causes the problem. I have colleagues who, differently from me, are running it just fine in their macs.

Hi claudenirmf,

Sorry about the problem and I will share your finding with our team. Meanwhile, do you see any log file under the bin folder of VP installation directory? If yes, could you zip and send me via private message? Thank you.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung