VP CE Watermark

I have a big problem. I oversight the warning of the VP CE when i created a second use-case diagram in my project because i didn’t know what this message ment - now i knew it.

I know splitted my project into two files, for each diagram one, but this very intensive watermark is still shown when i want to export them as image.

Please could you give a hint how i get it work so i could use my diagramms with the one line watermark.

THX 4 help

Dear Gavin,

There is no way to revert an evaluation project to a normal one. You need to create a new project and create the content from scratch.



Dear Tikku,

Have you tried creating the project from scratch using the Community Edition? This should work fine.


Is there any way to cut and paste from a diagram created with an evaluation copy of VP into a purchased copy of VP?

In otherwords, do I have to re-type everything in once I buy the Modeler version?

I made the same mistake and now any dsiagram I make, I have this full page watermark on it. My class diagram is totally gone. I am trying to make a new one from scratch after installing the Modeler edition and removing the community edition, but the water mark does not go away. Please help as I have already spent the whole day on it.