VP crashes when I import XMI

I have evaluated your competition Enterprise Architect for 20 days now, and created quite a large project. Now I want to evaluate Visual Paradigm and import the XMI. I took a small package containing about 5 classes and one diagram and tried to import it. An import window appeared saying imports are limited to 80 elements (I’m not sure that it was 80). However part of the package was imported. When I try to continue to work the GUI starts loosing buttons, and the menus only appears after I cross my mouse over it, and the whole thing behaves really slow.

  1. Will that happen on the non-evaluation software as well?
  2. Is there a way to get the XML imported for the evaluation? Can I send you the XMI project, for you to import, and you’ll send back the imported file?




I have contacted you by e-mail.