VP has known about pernicious data loss bug in SDE EE for at least 7 weeks

Please see my earlier message “Entire days work vanished w/o a trace.” I’m just glad I didn’t pay $1300+ to lose a day’s worth of work. Don’t buy the Linux version of VP SDE EE.

I have had problems since february, i purchased both SDE and VP-EE costing $3,000. I am not even getting feedback from my emails!

  1. code dissapears
  2. model elements dissapper
  3. no print output on mac

No feedback on these bugs.

Sort it out please!

oh and i dont expect to pay for an upgrade to the next version, the product I have is broken!!

:evil: :evil: :evil:

Actually it was $2,000, but it feels like $3,000 when it dont work.

Meanwhile VP team now assures me they are looking at these issues and will come back to me shortly hopefully.


Sorry to hear that, i have gotten pretty quick responses from support. But that is on the VP-UML stuff.

Sofar I am quite happy with the product.