VP local workspace issue



I am using a local workspace so that i can use the flow chart, it was working, but when i tried to create a new project, it does not give me the option to use the local workspace, only option is to log in, but either to VPonline or team server which i dont have, i am not sure what did i mess to this point, any idea?



Hi Shannon,

Do you mean the Local Workspace button was disabled? If not, can you attach a screenshot?


Yes Kit, it is disabled, with the third one ‘Existing Registered User’ enabled, but it either needs a VP Online or Teamwork which i dont have now.



If you click Existing Registered User, does it show any default value for host and port?


Here are the screen shots


Seems that you have logged in VP Online.
Please exit Visual Paradigm, delete teamworkUser.xml in your workspace folder, and start Visual Paradigm again.
* you can find your workspace folder in Help > Switch Workspace.


Even i delete it, it still generates a new one during start up, Now i am trying to switch a workspace to see if i can start now, it gives me this error now



Are you running version 15.1? Did you update to latest build 20180931?


Yes 15.1, i will update to the latest build and try.