VP Server update 17.0 to 17.1 don't work


We have a 17.0 VP Server, I want to update it to 17.1. I have download the zip file VP_Server_17_1_20230524_WebApp.zip to process.

When I try to update the server offer me the possibilities to update to 17.1, I answer YES and the I have the message who say the page’ll update in 10-15 second.

After some minutes nothing happen, when I look to services, I saw vpserver is not started. I start the service, refresh the page … and “surprise” I have a message “update to 17.0” :frowning:

The vpserver.log as no update from nothing of this update :frowning:

Any idea ?


Would you please send us all log files under the following folders of your server for checking? You can send the files to [email protected] for checking. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.