VP_Suite_Windows_5_2_sp1_20110707.exe CEdition-Silent Install not picking up license file

Hello Forum.

I am currently trying to deploy VP_Suite_Windows_5_2_sp1_20110707.exe to a collection of student machines within the college I work in via Microsoft Systems Centre Configuration Manager 2007. I found some information on how to deploy silently at the following link.


However, I’m also getting the issue where it isn’t picking up the license file during install. The application installs as required, but on first launch I need to supply a license file. If I then choose the license file that I have in the distribution folder the software then runs.

My Distribution Folder contains the following files:


I created a file called [install_config.xml] and place this in my distribution folder. File contents shown below.


My installation command is as follows:

VP_Suite_Windows_5_2_sp1_20110707.exe -q -dir C:\VPUMLCE

The suite_installer.log file shows an error at distribution.

[Fatal Error] :1:1: Premature end of file.
not Teamwork License: \server\share$\Software\Visual Paradigm\vpumlce.zvpl

Can anyone think what might be wrong here???

Many thanks in advance.

Hello all!

Has nobody come across this issue before???

Need help here. Does Technical Support read this forum???

Help please :slight_smile:

The license key will be imported to the home folder of the user who perform installation. May I know are you install and run the software with the same user?

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Rain Wong