VP-UML 4.0 and JDK 5.0 sources

I’ve searched the whole web (after I tried to find info in VPUML “features”, then whole VP-website and so forth…) but couldn’t find anywhere whether the new 4.0 release of VPUML supports JDK 5.0/1.5 sources (i.e. mainly generics, also enums, annotations, new for-loop, auto-(un)boxing etc.); I’ve tried with 3.2 and it didn’t, so I assume it should be there with the new 4.0 release (???).
I mean can I generated/reverse engineer Java 5.0 sources, I don’t need VPUML running on JDK 5!
If it does NOT support 5.0 sourcecode, any timeframe when it will?

kind regards,


no, it doesnt, at least CE doesnt. i tryied to import existing 1.5 code but it didnt import those classes … ;(

Dear Messi and luca,

VP-UML currently does not support Java 1.5 code generation and reverse engineering.