VP UML and Compiz / Beryl (Linux)


I’m wondering since VP UML is based on the eclipse platform and since eclipse is working wonderfully on linux with desktop effects (compiz or beryl) what’s wrong with VP UML? Starting VP UML with desktop effects switched on leads to a blank screen. A possible workaround is to disable the desktop effects temporarily but still, this is annoying because each time I switch the desktop effects off all the windows get messed up.
I’ve read about a similar issue with other programs and it turns out that there is a problem with java swing but eclipse is swt based, isn’t it? Isn’t there a possible way to use VP UML with SWT instead of SWING?
I really like VP UML, I find it a lot better than similar solutions from Borland and IBM, but this problem is really bothering me.
Here is a reference to the swing problem: http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=6429775
The bug is marked as being fixed but that’s not the case at all, seems like sun does not care which is strange because most of the linux distros today run with compiz / beryl as default WM.

Hello kanchev,

Sorry for any inconvenience the problem may cause you. Would you mind showing me some screenshots about the problem? I would also like to collect the log file from you. You can find it (vp.log) inside the Eclipse folder.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance!

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Hello Jick,

thanks for the quick answer. I’ve attached 6 screenshots (zipped because of the file limit) and my vp.log. It looks a lot like the swing problem:

[message] /usr/share/themes/Clearlooks/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:60:
[message] Engine “clearlooks” is unsupported, ignoring

Hello kanchev,

Could you try to execute the statement below, and try again?
export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit

Please let me know if it works.

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