I am curious whether someone has used the PMBOK methodology in VP-UML related projects (http://www.pmi.org - or google for “pmbok.pdf”) ?

PMBOK is an abbrevation for “Project Management Book Of Knowledge”, which is a ProjectManagement concept in 3rd version meanwhile - it was published originally in the 1990’s. PMBOK defines 45 processes for executing projects and these 45 processes are described in detail in PMBOK literature.

Though most of these processes are rather intuitive, PMBOK documents each process in detail and presents the integration of all relevant aspects of PM.

Are there any plans at VisualParadigm to support this methodogoly ?
( Has anyone used this methodology in combination with VP-UML ? )


Hi Bernd,

Sorry to keep you waiting. Currently, we do not have any plan to support PMBOK methodology. But we’ll review it constantly in the future. If we decided to support it, I’ll let you know.

Best regards,

Any update on this - PMBOK is the missing element from VP UML and is a worlside stamdard now

Hi Bernd,

We do not have any plan to support PMBOK currently. If we decide to support it I will post here.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Hello Bernd,

In latest VP 14.1 we now supporting PMBOK. You can find out the details at https://www.visual-paradigm.com/features/just-in-time-pmbok-templates/

Feel free to contact us for any questions.

Best regards,
Rain Wong