Vp-uml cannot express virtual function and override function?

is it any way to express virtual function and override function in VP-UML?

I tried to find out from its manual, but nothing found out.

Any way to do it?

In VPUML items like virtual and override etc. are referred to as “code detail” and is available depending on the language profile selected for the current project. For example, virtual and override are not available in the UML and Java profiles, in .NET, however, they are available. Here’s how you configure the language profile for your project. Select Tools | Configure Programming Language… Select C# as your programming language on the Programming Language dialog box and click OK.

Having done that, right-click any operation in a class and select Code Detail | virtual. Now the method is specified as virtual and will be generated as such in code. However, in order to see it marked virtual on the diagram, you need to do the following:

Right-click on an empty area on the diagram and click Presentation Options | Operation Display Options | Show Code Detail. Now you’ll see {virtual} prepended to the method you marked as virtual earlier.

Hope that helps.

P.S. It would be a lot easier if VP UML allowed editing of such items inline as, for example, a stereo type. Unfortunately, stereo types, code details and the likes cannot be specified inline and must be specified either by right-clicking an item and selecting approprate actions or opening and modifying specification of the item. I wish Visual Paradigm can do something about it.