VP-UML can't integrate into Eclipse

I just downloaded the evaluation version of VP-UML Professional to integrate with my pre-existing 3.01 Eclipse. Naturally the VP-UML IDE integration document found on the XP Windows start menu's Visual Paradigm->Documentation area doesn't load in my 6.0 Adobe Reader. So, no problem, I just go to the VP support site and locate the IDE integration install document there (http://www.visual-paradigm.com/eclipseIntegrationTutorial.php) and atempt to perform the operation discussed in lucky item # 13. Howver, there is no Eclipse Integration found under the tools->IDE integration area. Instead, is a familiar looking box asking me to select one of the other Professional non-Eclipse IDEs (like JBuilder, BEA, etc). 

Is it because I’m evaluating the professional version, supposedly with support for open source Eclipse that I cannot perform the integration ? Or do I have to do the usual Eclipse plug-in manual file install method to get it working ? Let me know what’s up - which evaluation package I can run with Eclipse, etc etc.

– Larry Hale

Dear Larry,

This is because you have previously performed VP-UML integration with Eclipse and it is remembered by VP-UML. In order to install VP-UML integration again, remove the Eclipse line in the .vpsdehome.properties file. I hope this can help.