VP-UML CE evaluation key?

Why do I need evaluation key for community edition and why there are watermarks all over the exported diagrams?

Hi Dtr,

Thanks for your post. If you are using evaluation key and installed Personal Edition or above, you will have the patterned watermarks on all diagram output (e.g. exported diagram image, generated report).

If you have installed Community Edition and you have 1 diagram ONLY in all diagram types, you will have single-line watermark on all diagram outputs.
But if you installed Community Edition and you have more then 1 diagram in any diagram type, you will get pattern watermarks on all diagram outputs. Removal of diagrams to make it have 1 diagram in all diagram output cannot restore to have single-line watermark on the outputs.

All watermarks are irremovable, only purchased Modeler Edition or above does not have any watermark.

BTW, the evaluation key can work with Community Edition even expired (since Community Edition is free of charge and does not have any time limitation).

Hope this is clear. If there is any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong