VP-UML, community edition, license

Hi. I work on a team that currently has an enterprise license for VP-UML. To save on costs, a few of us are planning to use the community edition. (This is a non-commercial setting.) Awhile back, I downloaded and installed the software along with an evaluation license. Things worked fine, but today I’m getting an error about my license expiring. I thought maybe I was actually using the enterprise edition all along, so I re-downloaded and made sure to select the community edition at install. The Start menu (running Windows XP here) explicitly says community edition. Even still, when it starts, I don’t see any valid licenses, and the application exits when I cancel out of the license dialog. This seems wrong, since as I understand it the community edition has no time limit.

I just downloaded a new license using a different e-mail address, but I’m afraid this is just going to happen again in 30 days since it appears to be an enterprise evaluation license. I have to say, the entire process is quite confusing. If I install the community edition, it seems like it shouldn’t worry about licenses at all.

Hi user,

Thanks for replying. Our Community Edition is free of charge ans without time limitation, even you use an expired evaluation key, the key will work for the Community Edition. Maybe you are right that you have used Enterprise Edition (or other editions that is higher than Community) and therefore the error showed.

Please start VP-UML Community Edition and request a community edition license key in the License Key Manager (it will shows when you starts the application).

If there is any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong