VP-UML Project in Version Control

Can VP for UML project be put under version control?
We use subversion for our code and it would be nice to keep the class diagrams with the code.
If I can put a project in version control which of the files created by a project should be version controlled and which should be let unversioned?

Many thanks.

Hi user,

Thank you for the post. We have our own tool for version control. It is called the Teamwork Server. Here is the product page:

With Teamwork Server, you can share the project with team members. You can also revert to a particular version.

If there are any questions, please let me know.

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Thanks but I already have version control Im quite happy with. I wanted to use the UML drawing component and put the project in version control if possible. When you create a new project it generates quite a few files/folders and I wondered which should be under version control and which let out :slight_smile:


I guess that you are talking about the project files and preference files in the workspace. If possible, I suggest you put them all into your version control to ensure the project integrity. However, file with extension .vpp~# is backup file. You may ignore them. in version control.

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I’ve found the attached sheet using google

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find it in visual-paradigm.com.

Can anyone tell me if “Modeling collaboratively with Subversion” is a new feature in a new release? If so, can you anyone tell me the roadmap for this feature?

Thank you in advance,

Hello Jose,

Thank you for your enquiry. You are correct. Subversion integration is our new feature in the coming version. We expect to release it before the end of this month. For details about this feature, please read:

The following article talks about CVS integration:

Just curious - Are you evaluating our products?

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Yes, we are. but still have our concerns about the Suite because of:

  • the collaborative limitations:
    • we’d like to be able to introduce references to objects in externally maintained models
    • share the modifications in a model with subversion and (at least) with the scope of a package (not the whole project)
  • some diagramming bugs:
    • moving objects between packages does not clean the old package (and it appears next time you open the vpp file)
    • cannot create “activity nodes” or “state nodes” with multi-line names
    • a stereotyped class looses the stereotype color when moved between packages
    • is difficult to have a clean and clear diagram, for example with tree-aligned classes (EA has this feature)
  • we use the Linux version and it seems to be less robust than the window$ one

Best regards,

Hello Jose,

Thank you for your posts.

We do not quite understanding the two points regarding to the collaborative limitations. Would you mind providing me with more information? We will definitely consider your need.

About the diagramming bugs, they sound straight forward but unfortunately we cannot reproduce most of them. Did you find them in the Linux version?

About " * cannot create “activity nodes” or “state nodes” with multi-line names ", you can press Ctrl-Enter to insert a line break.

We are going to perform some testings on Linux concerning your reported problems.

Best regards,

Hi again,

  1. Ctrl+Enter does not work (at least in Linux Fedora Core 6)
  2. I’m evaluating VP 6.0 CE (if it helps)
  3. The problems moving objects between packages appeared in both the Linux and the Windows version (sorry, but i cannot spend time reproducing again now: i’ll try to find someone to prepare a sample for you as soon as we can)
  4. The collaborative issues explanation follows:

We’d like to have the model of a framework and the model of an application that uses that framework and maintain separately both models.
Of course, the application would refer to classifiers (or even diagrams) belonging to the framework and we want to do migrations to a new release of the framework with the less effort and the more help from the tool (like advises of broken relationships…)

We also wanted to let sharing packages of a model in a VPP using SVN (or CVS), like EA can. The goal would be that two persons (or more) could be working in the same model (but in different packages) without affecting each others work. [Maybe a plug-in would be a sort of solution for this issue.]

Do you have any plans for these features? A roadmap of the planned features (like eclipse.org does, for example) deffinitely would help in our decissions?

Kind regards,

Hi Jose,

We will retest the reported problems on Linux. Thank you for your report and kind effort.

About the collaborative issues, are you referring to tag and branching?

About sharing packages of model, are you referring to two independent models, i.e. the model is not shared?

Best regards,

Hi Jick,

Thanks for your fast response!!

  1. Tag and branching would be great, of course, although the first requirement would be just to be able to share the model (or only part of a model) so that (simultaneously) more than one person could be working on the same model.

  2. The intended scenario is the one I described in my previous post: two independent models, but one is referring to the other. The problem appears when you need to apply changes made to the referred model. Let’s put an example:

  • I have a model Struts.vpp with all the Struts framework (version 1.0), including the class Action
  • I have an application model (MyWebApp.vpp) with a class LoginAction that extends the class Action (from the “external model” Struts.vpp)
  • if we’d change the class Action (in Struts.vpp), for example, adding a new method and we’d like to make it available in MyWebApp.vpp… Now, we have a new release of Struts.vpp (version 2.0), what will we do?
  • I’d like to do just “update Struts.vpp reference from SVN” or something like that, and THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, I don’t want to loose the inheritance previously defined between Action and LoginAction.

Best Regards,

Hi Jick,

i have some problems using svn with VP-UML6.0, i followed all the instructions in the demo clip but i can’t commit or update a project after i checked it out…

Best Regards


So when i check out a project, the commit/update buttons are not activate when i’m working on it…


The integrated Subversion of Vp-UML6.0 doesn’t work properly on my Windows…

  • According to the demo, the buttons commit/update must be activated after i checked out and then opened a project from the suversion server, on my Computer they don’t…

  • When i’m trying to connect to the subversion server via the Server manager (i restarted VP-UM), the project i opened in the previous session is already there in the list, how can i activate this project again so that i could commit it later at the end of my work…

Best regards and Thanks

hello lagson,

Thank you for your post. I would like to hold an online meeting to take a look at your problem. The online meeting will be held under secure connection. If you can join the meeting, please let me know when you will be available, and also where will you be (country), so that we could schedule a time for the meeting.

Best regards,

Hi Jick,

thanks for the response, i already got an online meeting with Mr. Rain Wong yesterday, and i found my problem out…

I tried to checkout a project that imported before with another tools (eclipse subversion plugins)…

All works perfectly now…

Best reqards

That’s great! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Jick,

Some weeks ago we had an interesting exchange of posts in this topic.

Now that I’ve been working with the new SP1 and the new SVN functionalities, I would like to go back to one of the issues I was pointing in those posts.

Do you have a suggestion for making a reference between classes of two separated models, e.g. a framework and an application? I’d like to make a class diagram in project A (the application) inheriting from a class in project B (the framework).

Thanks in advance,

Hello Jose M Beas,

Thanks for coming back. Do you like the SVN feature? Just for your information, we also support CVS now.

Concerning making references across models in different projects, we will support it later on. We expect that it will be available in VP Suite 3.1 Service Pack 1.

Best regards,

Yes, Jick, the new feature is nice. Althought maybe the GUI could be more usable, e.g. i’d like to commit/update only some of the changes (not all). But in general terms, the feature is fine for me.

Regarding the “cross-projects-reference” issue, when do you plan to deploy VP 3.1 SP1? This is a major issue for us because affects our production plans.

Thanks a lot for your quality support,