VPUML-CE - limmited diagrams


I just dowloaded the VPUML community edition. I read the tutorial, and the sample app through, but I just do not find anywhere, that in this edition I can draw only ONE diagram / diagram types! This limitation makes this wonderfull tools unusable.
When I was trying to make a second use-case diag, vpuml gave me possiblity to swith to evaulation modes. I am not sure what this is mean! If I will switch to evaulation mode, what will happens my license? I still will be able to use as a community version over 30 days, or I simply change my version, so 30 days after, my license wont be good anymore?
I am not find any subject about this, so pleas help me out!


Dear tshuma,

Just the current project will be in evaluation mode (has watermarks in printing, exported diagrams, etc), but not the software.