Vpuml hangs on "initializing diagrams"


I’m trying to run the standalone vp for uml 3.1 on a linux machine … the installer works fine but when i try to run the program it hangs

i get some questions about interface settings and then a splash screen with “initializing diagrams…” on it. that’s all.

I have no idea why this hangs here (isn’t this the point where it checks for a licence key ?) … i had it working on a linux machine before.

Hi nephie,

Can you check if there are any “hidden” dialogs behind the actual application itself?



there weren’t any hidden windows

further investigation however just solved the problem … the /etc/hosts file wasn’t completely correct … the hostname of the computer itself was not present making it impossible to resolve it to an ip address … this apparently hung the program. adding a line to the file solved it completely