VPUML update

Is the VPUpdate facility still available. I am trying to get an update (q) and runVPUpdate complains about the connection: “Connection timeout, Please check the network connection status”. Update facility used to work before.

OK. I have downloaded 2.1 rel. Please disregard this thread.

I’ve actually been having this problem tonight with 2.1 build 20030520r (no-install) on Win XP. Is this just a network outage or a problem with the updater?

I can never get the update program to sucessfully download and update. It either tells me there is a timeout, or its starts a download and quits after a few seconds. Note I have tried all of the available mirrors with similar results. Is there not a web page from which we can download the patch files?

You can get the patch from the web site. Please go to http://www.visual-paradigm.com/download.php to download the patch file.

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I’ve “successfully” downloaded the .x update to my system as noted in the directions. But when I run the update .exe, the system just sits there. Nothing! Any thoughts