Watermark and frozen Eclipse


I have tried to use the SDE-CE on Eclipse 3.2 in order to draw some sequence diagrams.

As soon as I attempted to create a second sequence diagram, I got the message about the watermarks. After clicking yes, the entire Eclipse frozen. After restarting Eclipse, I realized that the second sequence diagram was generated to some extent. However, trying to open it resulted in two simultaneous popups, one asking if I want to change the perspective, and the second one about the watermarks. This time it was impossible to click anything, Eclipse was already frozen.

I was initially using Java 1.6. I switched to 1.5 for a while but no luck.

Any ideas? Thank you.

Hi accenture,

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, we are unable to recreate your problem. Please send me the following files for identifying your problem:

  1. Eclipse Configuration Details (can be copied from the About dialog box)
  2. vp.log file (at ${eclipse-folder}/bin )

Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,