WaterMark in Community Edition


I have downloaded the Community version 2.2 to complete a university assignment. The first few printouts had the watermark at the top of the page as described on the download page but now after a few hours use the watermark is now appearing diagonally many times across each page.

With the watermark in the top corner it was alright to be submitted for marking but with the message printed continually over the whole diagram it is very difficult to make out let alone mark for accuracey.

Any advice about how the water mark can be restored to appear in the top corner only?


I think I must have accidentially activated the Trial Developer mode. Is there any way to go back to the original Community Edition mode?


Dear Robert,
There is no this feature. Please send me your project. I can help you to change it back to CE. By the way, you can tell your tutor to apply for the Academic Partner Program. Which will providing you a Standard Edition to use in your home work.

Best Regards,